WIN a Hill’s Foodie Bin PLUS food for your cat or dog (CLOSED)

And the winners are…

Hlelile Vinkhumbo and Gaby Vermeulen!



The Hill’s free foodie bins are back! I am a huge fan of Hill’s promotions and they surely did not disappoint with their latest. They’ve had foodie bin promo’s before, but this time you get a bin that you can personalise with cute stickers and chalkboard labels. I didn’t have much of a say when it came to the decorating of our bin yesterday. Cara was in charge ;)

Hill's Foodie Bin for cats and dogs giveaway Pretty Please Charlie

The Hill’s foodie bins are available at veterinary outlets from February with purchases of two selected bags of either Hill’s Science Plan or Hill’s Ideal Balance. The 5kg capacity bin (worth R250) comes with two small bags (1.8kg to 3kg) of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine Mini or with two medium (2.7kgs to 6.8kgs) bags of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Feline. The large 15kg bin (perfect for those big bags of dog food) is available with two large bags (9.5kg to 13.6kg) of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine.

The #HillsFoodieBin is only available while stocks last, terms and conditions do apply. For your nearest participating practice or vet shop contact Hill’s on or call 0800 228 783. For more info

Hill's foodie bin giveaway Pretty Please Charlie

WIN a Hill’s Foodie Bin PLUS food for your cat or dog

We have two Hill’s foodie bins to giveaway, each with a bag of your pet’s favourite Hill’s Science Plan. We have one cat prize and one dog prize  Prize is valued between R850 and R1 100 (depending on your pet’s size and breed).

All you have to do is comment below and tell me who the lucky pet would be if your name is picked. Extra entries for Facebook and Twitter shares  – make sure to leave a separate comment for each share telling me where you’ve shared the giveaway. Max of 3 entries per person. Giveaway is open to SA residents only. The sponsor will send the prize directly to the winner. Allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery. Giveaway closes on 22 Feb 2016.

Good luck!


137 Replies to “WIN a Hill’s Foodie Bin PLUS food for your cat or dog (CLOSED)”

  1. I have a golden Labrador. She just had her 1st and last litter. So mummy and her 5 babies will be the lucky owners of the food bin

  2. Gaby, the rescue dog we found on the streets and took in 2 years ago. She is now the apple of our eyes and couldn’t see life without her. As well as my 3 sausages!! Zoey, Willow and Luna!! The three musketeers.

    1. We share our home with three dogs, all of them are dogs who were homeless. There is Bastian, the Ysterberg Mastiff, Leo, the Spaniel and Lilly (unsure what breed she is, but both her parents were dogs :)).

      Then there is the eight cats. 1 Tuxedo, Mickey – abandoned at company I worked for. Tara – black, medium coat: she came to live with us when her elderly owner moved to an old-age home (She hates me with a passion – I have no idea why. Another black, medium coat female, Tayla and her two babies also live with us: Elle and Linguini. Viola is the oldest of the bunch and one of the few that came to live with us as a kitten. Then, the two newest members of the household: Hope, a small tuxedo female and Leo, a ginger (with A LOT of attitude). When their owner died after a protracted battle with cancer, her children needed a home for their pets, and we adopted them.

      It would be difficult to choose just one as all of them are precious creature.

  3. This prize would either be for my dog, Tutas, he’s a beautiful cocker spaniel or for my kitty, pipoca (popcorn)’ little tortoise shell meow.

  4. Sparkle Essop – our 8yr old female long haired German Shephard. most loveable family dog – kids can even play with her while she’s eating…

  5. My 4 month old Rottweiler “Jake” would love this. He loves the Hills puppy food and very soon he will start eating the bigger food as he is such a big boy, about 18kg already!!

  6. My daughters- new little puppy Dinky! He is a Toy Pom crossed with a Maltese poodle and looks just like a little teddy bear :) Shared on twitter

  7. Would Love to win this #HillsFoodBin for my fur baby Doberman Rocky and he will enjoy a bag of their yummy Dog food he is a Hills fan :)
    sharing on Twitter @Nancy7Katy and FaceBook Nancy Pretorius as well as sharing on Google +

  8. We have a new darling little Kitten named Tigger as in the Pooh movie. He is so full of energy and adores his Kitten Hill’s kibbles!!!
    I know that he’ll adore his new caddie if we win and extra biscuits too!!!!!

  9. I would like to win this for my two cats tiger and poodles,my three dogs always get the nice food so I’m going to spoil the cats

  10. The lucky pets would be my 4 cats, midnight and magic pure black sisters, snowflake complete white male and Alaska a tortoisshell cat. Then there is Fluff, a stray that frequents quite often. They would be in Heaven to win this.Shared on Twitter!

  11. My fur balls, Pumpkin the ginger, Buddie the tabby and Marley the Golden Lab would love the spoils!! Loving your four legged kids this much requires feeding them only the best to ensure they live long, happy and healthy lives – This of course could only be Hills!!

  12. Well im blessed with my pensioner cat 14 years old, Salem, and my rescue dog, Miley. So who ever you choose will be super lucky.

  13. The lucky pets will be Jacky and Micky my 2 new Jack Russels. Guess a bag of food will last them quite a while. Would love to spoil them

  14. It will be for little Buksie, adopted from the welfare, he was just dumped alongside the road with his mum and siblings. Luckilly Furry Friends saved them and I adore the mischievous little guy :)

  15. I’m blessed with 2 babies. Vlooi, my white 10 year old darling cat, who survived cancer last year, but lost both her ears in the process. And then Mia, just over 5 month old Yorkie, that came into our lives to changes us forever. Both of these babies would be lucky to win a prize.

    1. My 2 furbabies Tiger and Zoe would be the lucky ones receiving this wonderful prize and I know they deserves it after what they both went thru in life. I’ve rescued both from the shaft where I’m working at. Tiger don’t trust anyone because she was kicked, beaten and chased as a baby. Zoe dehydrated when I found her in front of my office and due to that lost her right eye because it got too dry and blind. Today they are very happy and very lovable. 😊😻❤

  16. If we are the lucky winners we will try and share nicely, it will be Balkie, Sally, Chocolate, Tiger, Abby and Toby, we might even let the cats use the bin once in a while, best you behave Angel & Bregarra.

  17. It would be shared by my 2 furbabies, my 11 yr old boerboel Augustus Ceasarius aka GussieBear and my 6 year old diva xrottweiler Gemma aka GemmieButton.

  18. We have 5 cats (Oreo, Tinkie, Muffin, Milo and Peanut all food names, they would love to try something different, the Hill’s Science Plan would be great to try, I shared on facebook, Gabie Vermeuelen

  19. The lucky pets would be Midnight and Magic my two black cats which are sisters. A plain pure white cat, Snowflake I adopted on gumtree because the people were moving and couldn’t take him with and a female tabby called Alaska I rescued from a bush by my mother’s house.Hoping to win this for my fur babies!

  20. The lucky pets, should I win this, will be Julie and Lisa-two lovely semi feral rescue cats that we took in and who both adore my 1 year old, being semi feral they don’t come inside much and love rubs but hate being picked up yet of late every time we look for them they are playing with Alex in his room or sleeping on his bed and if they are somewhere he does not want them him picks them up and moves them and neither Lisa nor Julie mind this at all. sharing the prize with them would also be our domestic cat Akasha who hates her adopted sisters so spends most of her day sleeping in my daughters room or on my other half’s computer in the study, anywhere really where she does not have to see Lisa or Julie, dinner time is the only time she tolerates being around them.

  21. Since getting my first addition to my family , our Jack Russel . His first solid food was Vetinary Hills for puppies. Six years later we decided to add to our family ,this time a Dobberman Pintcher. He too was introduce to Vetinary Hills .
    In January this year our Jack Russel was in immense pain due to him developing Osteoarthritis, Vetinary Hills came to our aid as there is a special formulated food called JD . JD has eased my Jack Russel’s pain and increased his mobility . To that I am eternally grateful to Vetinary Hills as my dog has regained a new and active lease of life . Our Jack Russel is Diesel and Our mini Dobberman Pitcher is Russel

  22. Our recently rescued cats, Henry, Elizabeth and Victoria, will feel like the royalties they are in their new home with this prize!

  23. I would love to win this for my beautiful cat Lola she loves Hills:) Shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto And fb Bianca Chante Balutto :)

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