Bedroom makeover before & after!

I have been dreaming about a bedroom makeover for years! I am actually a little embarrassed to show you the before… how incredibly drab and boring. And I only realised after we spruced it up, what a positive effect a few changes can have on a person. It’s not just a place where we sleep anymore, it’s our little sanctuary.

Bedroom makeover Before & After

Let’s start with the before.

Bedroom makeover before

Oh my word. Everything was beige. The above pic was taken early morning and it seems that even the light didn’t want to enter this space. I used to have throw pillows and a few pretty tierlanteintjies, but we co-slept for a while and during those first 6 months, it was all about comfort (for us and for Cara), so I decided to move non-necessities out of the room. After Cara moved to her own bedroom, our room basically just stayed as it was. Until now…

Fresh white walls courtesy of Prominent Paints

The first step of the bedroom makeover, was a wall makeover. When our house was built, the colour of the season was Iced Coffee. Most of my house has been Iced Coffee for almost 15 years! I wanted a change. Our room is also very small, so I wanted light and airy. You’re probably thinking, why white? Couldn’t we have been a little more creative?

White. That is what I wanted and that is what I got. And I love it. Thank you Prominent Paints!!

The room looks bigger, it looks fresh and white gives me the opportunity to easily shake things up and change or bring in colour when or how I want. I love my white walls. And we’ve decided that we are going to paint the lounge/dining area white as well. I am so excited. We’ll be popping by soon, Prominent Paints.

Bedroom Makeover Prominenet Paints After Pretty Please Charlie

DIY Pallet Headboard

What do you think?? I love it!! Huge shout out to brother-in-law and husband for this beauty!! My husband got us the most beautiful pallets and the DIY project that was supposed to only comprise of a headboard, also gave me a new coffee table! And we are going to make a stoep table as well. I’m not going to tell the guys yet, but I have more planned for them ;)

Bedroom Makeover Pretty Please Charlie 3

Luxury Linen from The Tshirt Bed Co

I spotted The T-Shirt Bed Co on Facebook a couple of months ago and I loved the light grey duvet cover set. Go check out their fan page and you’ll probably also notice that they were the inspiration for the pop of yellow we added. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say, hey?

Bedroom Makeover After Pretty Please Charlie

The main reason that I wanted this duvet set, is because I liked the look of it. I never realised what a huge difference quality bed linen like this can make. Holy crap. Our bed is the most comfortable place in our house. I sleep SO well. The moment I slip into bed, the amazing feel of the duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheet envelope me and I just drift off. For the first time in my life, I understand why quality linen is an investment.

The T-Shirt Bed Co linen is made from the highest quality 100% t-shirt cotton with a real-feel of 800 thread-count. Plus it’s 100% non-iron. It never looks creased! Score!

And we are definitely not the only one’s who think our bed is the best…

The Tshirt Bed Co Pretty Please Charlie

The T-Shirt Bed Co has two other duvet sets that I’m eyeing right now; a grey and white stripe and a dusty pink. I would love to get one of these for Cara’s room. They also have a stunning tropical botanical print, kids- and cot bedding. Head on over HERE to have a look!

Bedroom Makeover Pretty Please Charlie 2

The final touches included grey and yellow scatter cushions, a yellow throw and 2 lamps. Yes, yes, I had a lekker shopping at Mr. Price Home. The piggy bank is now empty, but as soon as it allows, I will be getting pretty new blinds too.

And even my old odds and sods look all pretty again. It just shows you what a difference a new coat of paint, new bedding and a little DIY can do.

Bedroom Makeover Pretty Please Charlie

I am SO happy with our bedroom makeover. Thank you so much to Prominent Paints and The T-Shirt Bed Co for helping us feel more at home in our home.


My Birthday Wish List

It’s my birthday on the 21st and it’s always fun to share a little wish list and showcase a few amazing brands and products that I am currently drooling over.

My Birthday Wish List

Minral Ear Cuffs

I’ve had my eye on Minral ear cuffs for ages. I love all of their jewellery. So simple and elegant. Pop over to and you’ll see what I mean. Everything they make is gorgeous and exactly what I like. I also love the Drip Earrings and Gap Bar Ring, but I won’t greedy.

Alex and Marla Duffel

Isn’t this Alex and Marla bag just perfect?! But I’ll take any (ANY!) handmade leather bag. Thanks for getting me daydreaming about them LOKAL.

La Laine throw giganto

Look at these La Laine handmade giganto throws!! Each blanket is knit to order and made with 100% South African Merino Roving Wool. I don’t think I really need to say anything about these. They look amazing. Visit @lalainethrows on Facebook and Instagram to find out how you can order. Thanks again LOKAL ;)

Inoar Curl Range

I recently shared MY EXTREME HAIR LOSS  story with you and as I mentioned, my hair is dry and brittle and apart from the hair that I’m losing, the little left is breaking. Inoar is one of my favourite hair brands and I know my hair can do with  a little Inoar TLC. The Divine Curls range has always been top of my wish list, but I think my hair can also do with some Doctor and Help. Did you know that you can now shop for Inoar online at

Anyhoo, that’s my list. Let’s hope a few family members and friends spot it. Fingers crossed ;)


PS Do yourself a favour and head over to @lokalza on Instagram and Twitter to have a look at their curated collective of loved & tried South African brands, businesses & eateries.