A gorgeous pedi at Gem Beauty thanks to GoBeauty

Last year the lovely people of GoBeauty asked me if I would be interested in trying out their booking service and reviewing a salon in my area. No-brainer, isn’t it?

Who is GoBeauty?

‘3 years after it was launched, GoBeauty is fast becoming the go-to place for all of your beauty needs; it has been labelled “Uber for Beauty” and “Tripadvisor for beauty places”. 

Designed to make your life easier, you can search and find a ‘Beauty salon’ in your area or ‘Manicure in Johannesburg’ or ‘Dermalogica Facial in Cape Town’. Create your own private page on GoBeauty, add your favourite salons, book your treatments, review places you visited, and instantly buy and send gift vouchers across South Africa.’

Making my booking was so easy! This was my first time using GoBeauty, but it is most definitely not my last.

A gorgeous pedi at Gem Beauty

Gem Beauty

Gem beauty is your urban beauty sanctuary nestled in the heart of Aurora Durbanville, Cape Town.

‘Our mission is to provide stellar beauty services to our customers, in the most agile and expeditious manner with top of the range quality professional products. Our highly skilled staff constantly update their craft by attending mandatory training classes and staying up to date with the latest advancements in our industry. Our relaxed and friendly atmosphere provides the perfect escape from the daily hussle and bustle with our staff always committed to exceeding your expectations.’

It was very hard trying to decide on a treatment. I haven’t visited a salon in a very long time. A very long time. My top 3 choices was a back massage, a deep cleansing facial and a pedi. I was going to a wedding so the classic pedicure and Gelish won. I was very excited about this treatment.

On arrival at Gem Beauty I was met with many friendly faces and I immediately felt special. The salon is beautifully decorated with the manicure and pedicure stations in the front room and private treatment rooms in the back.

Gem Beauty manicure

And then it was pedicure time! Gem Beauty has these fancy schmancy pedicure chairs that are so comfy you don’t ever want to get up. Plus, they are massage chairs! Oh. My. Word… Heaven! My therapist was a stunning lady that made me feel at ease the moment my behind hit the seat. My feet and calves were soaked, scrubbed and massaged and my toenails were cleaned, shaped and painted perfectly. This was my first time experiencing Gelish and I am very impressed. The process of curing the polish was very quick and more than a week later, my toenails still look as great as the day it was done.

Gem Beauty pedicure

The whole experience was relaxing and I felt so pampered. The Classic Pedicure + Gelish goes for R360 and it’s money well spent. I will most definitely be back.

Gem Beauty is a stunning salon with even more stunning people. The lively vibe makes for a lovely experience and you will leave with a smile on your face. And I am most definitely not the only one who feels this way. I think I was the only customer who was new to the salon on the morning of my pedi! Everyone was chatting away about the holidays and you could see that everyone felt totally at home. There were also at least 5 different people who popped in to make appointments and have a quick catch-up.

If you like a salon where you are treated like a princess and part of the family, Gem Beauty is the place for you. Thank you ladies for a wonderful morning, and my beautiful feet! I’ll see you again soon.

And thank you to GoBeauty for introducing me to this gem!


Disclosure Ranking: 2

Essie Gel Couture – the only polish for me

Essie Gel Couture – the only polish I will use from now on.

essie gel couture pretty please charlie

You’re probably thinking that’s quite a bold statement to make. It is. But it’s true. Here’s why…

It actually lasts on my nails!!!

I want to scream that from the roof tops. No other polish lasts on my finger nails like Essie’s new Gel Couture range.

I love wearing polish on my nails but I hardly ever do. Nothing lasts. If I decide to paint my nails for an event, I have to paint within hours of the event and still pop the polish in my bag in case it needs touch-ups. If I’m lucky, the polish will last till the next day. So why even bother?

When I read reviews on the new Essie Gel Couture range when it launched a couple months ago, I got a little excited. I have tried other polishes that claim gel-like wear and they haven’t delivered. Not sure why I hoped it would be different this time, but Essie, you made my year.

Essie Gel Couture lasts on my nails for 5 days. FIVE DAYS!!

And that is by not really taking care of the mani by adding another  layer of topcoat every 2 days as recommended. Plus I wash dishes without wearing gloves, I give a keyboard a good beating every day, I play Lego and I use my nails as tools more often than I should.

So I’ll say it again… 5 days!! And that is 5 days of wear before any cracks or chips.

There are other things on this range worth mentioning like the beautiful newly designed bottle, the patent pending swirl stem brush and the couture fashion inspired shade selection, but it’s the wear and longevity that’s got me hooked.

I find application pretty standard… 2 coats of colour and the top coat. Drying time may be a tad longer than ‘standard’, but that’s fine.

Removal takes a little more effort, cotton wool and polish remover, but that’s also not an issue for me.

I have finally found a system that lasts on my nails and the finish is super smooth and shiny. It truly is beautiful.

I was very happy when I saw the darker shades available in this range as I’m not really one for nudes, pastels and brights, so shades like gala-vanting, model clicks and hang up the heels are perfect for me. I also have twill seeker which I love!!


top coat, twill seeker, gala-vanting, model clickshang up the heels

A friend of mine also tried it and she’s hooked. She also loves the range and now she has me lusting after beauty nap. The shade is more muted and little darker than it looks in the image below (top right hand corner) and on the site, which makes it perfect for me.


You can head over to www.essie.co.za to check out the range available.


Essie sent me the polishes to try, but would I buy it for myself? YES!

Would I recommend this range above any other? YES!

Do I think it’s worth paying R170 for the colour polish and R180 for the top coat? YES!

You will find Essie Gel Couture at selected Dis-Chem, Clicks and Foshini stores.

Happy shopping!