Tranquil Body Treats’ Cuticle Oil

It’s winter in Cape Town and everything’s dry… my face, my body, my hair and even my cuticles. It really is bad. They look(ed) hideous. Thank goodness I’ve found a solution: 
This fab cuticle oil contains almond, lavender, geranium and tea tree oil. It absorbs super quick which is awesome. It also smells absolutely lovely. The bottle has a handy dropper which makes applying it a pleasure. I have been using it a couple of times a week (I forget to apply it every day) for the last couple of weeks and my cuticles look so much better. Yeah! One or two drops is more than enough per hand, which means this bottle is gonna last forever. As you know by now, I love a bargain… this product retails for only 60 bucks. This qualifies it for a rating of ‘best bargain beauty buy’.
You can order online HERE or visit the beautiful Tranquil Body Treats shop in Wellington (have a look at my post HERE).