Brand Focus: Biomedical Emporium

I was invited to experience a Biomedical Emporium facial peel by the kind people of Tosca Hair & Beauty in July and I am so glad they did. I have been using Biomedical Emporium skin care products for the last couple of weeks and I am amazed with the results. AMAZED. I’ll tell you more about the products I’m using, as well as their treatments, and how my skin is responding at a later stage; for now I want to share more info on the brand itself.

Brand Focus: Biomedical Emporium

Who is Biomedical Emporium?

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Our passion derives from proven dermatology products that have a real impact on skin and health. Extensive research and development by Dr Judey as well as the Department of Human Biology at the University of Cape Town has led to incorporate the first and very unique tertiary structure tissue-protective peptide technology, that promotes advanced cellular turn-over rates as well optimal skin densification and dermal hydration.

Intrinsic and extrinsic environmental factors are taken into consideration during the formulation of all cosmeceutical products. Some products are formulated specificaly based on the client’s or patient geographical location as skin oxidation rates differs from area to area.

How is this science applicable today?  What do we have to do to obtain skin cell harmony?

We need products that will address all the mechanisms of aging – a product of a “cosmeceutical” nature.  In other words applying a product that works on cellular and molecular level in order to be potently effective and safe and to ultimately stimulate a therapeutic response.

Biomedical Emporium Products

Biomedical Emporium

The respective Biomedical Skin care ranges were developed within the discipline of Biotechnology by Dr Judey Pretorius.

The Biomedical Emporium is a leading South African company that primarily focus on the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of Biomedical products for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Medical Device Industry as well as the Cosmeceutical Industry.

The Biomedical skin care range comprises of maximum amounts of active ingredients, at optimal concentrations that work synergistically and holistically on a molecular level to promote a therapeutic response.

All products undergo strict accredited quality control testing for product safety, quality and efficacy. NO products are tested on animals.

Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetics: Understanding the difference

Biomedical Emporium cosmeceutical skin care products, are formulated by the highest expertise of Scientists, that utilise quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials in all formulations and the incorporation of the tertiary tissue protective peptide technology. This will ensure that medicinal benefits will be obtained once applied to the skin. 

COSMECEUTICAL PRODUCTS – Cosmeceutical products are used to improve and enhance the skin’s appearance, by using biologically active ingredients. This group of products work on cellular and molecular level in order to be potently effective and safe.

COSMETIC PRODUCTS – Cosmetic products are for the purpose of beauty or style, such products merely cover the skin. Cosmetics can keep the skin moisturised and clean, but not much more than that.

Visit to learn more. I promise you, they won’t disappoint. You can also visit a Tosca Hair & Beauty Salon to experience a treatment or purchase products.


Trust in the Care from NIVEA and help uplift a community

Care is at the heart of the NIVEA brand, and when I received news of the amazing work they are doing at the Thanda Centre in KwaZulu-Natal, I had to share.

Trust in the care of NIVEA

“Our consumers enjoy giving themselves the best care, but we know that they also love to show care and give back to others, although they often don’t have the time or resources to do so. Through this initiative, consumers can make a life-changing difference every time they purchase their favourite NIVEA product,” says Shayna Amaidas, NIVEA brand manager, Beiersdorf. “Each purchase enables us to support the Thanda Centre, which has become a beacon of hope and source of pride in the community of Umtwalume.”

Nivea cares Thanda Centre

For the last 2,5 years NIVEA South Africa has supported a community situated in Umtwalume, KwaZulu-Natal, through financial support of Thanda, a non-profit organisation. The Thanda Centre provides valuable support for the local community through an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre and after-school programmes. Research shows that 90% of brain development happens before the age of five, which is why ECD programmes are vital, yet less than 16% of children in KwaZulu-Natal have access to these. At the Thanda Centre, children not only receive a hot meal and participate in educational and stimulating programmes, but also find a safe place to play. The centre hosts the only library and playground in the area, with its number one drawcard – the skate park!

NIVEA’s impact at the Thanda Centre has already been significant: Amongst other milestones, 73 347 meals were served to children in 2016 and the centre can remain consistently open 7 days per week compared to 5 days a week previously. The new NIVEA Thanda ECD Centre will soon be opened to care for 90 children under the age of four. The centre provides young children access to a fun and engaging programme whilst their parents or caregivers are at work, thus ensuring they are given a solid foundation in life with the right stimulation and nutrition to enable the development of critical neural pathways.

For more information on Thanda Centre:

NIVEA cares

“As part of the campaign, we wanted to recognise and celebrate the importance of caring for ourselves and others. We will be hosting national activations at malls where we will reward our consumers for helping us care and give them some well-deserved pampering. The campaign will spotlight our iconic blue products: The trusted NIVEA Creme – Protect & Care Deodorant and Rich Nourishing Body Lotion – the loved everyday products which also contain NIVEA Creme in their formulation,” says Amaidas.

Rich Nourishing Body Lotion R36,99 (250ml) & R47,99 (400ml), Protect & Care Antiperspirant Roll on R19,99 (50ml) & Aerosol R29,99 (150ml) and NIVEA Creme R19,99 (60ml), R24,99 (100ml), R32,99 (150ml) and R74,99 (400ml).

NIVEA wants their consumers to feel beautiful inside and out knowing that, while looking after themselves, they’re also helping to make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of children.