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I like nail polish. But I think I am falling in love with essie. The story behind the brand, the innovation, the quality, the finish, the bottle. And I just adore the names of the polishes. And essie actually lasts on my fingers longer than half a day. 

“I’m Essie and I live for color! Every day I wake up inspired by color… discovering, rediscovering. For me, color is about indulging, expressing, and obsessing. So go ahead, dream, desire, demand…your color wish is my command.”
The fabulous Essie Weingarten – the creator of essie

The Fall Collection

The essie Fall Collection

From left: Cashmere Bathrobe, The Lace Is On, For The Twill Of It,
Twin Sweater Set, After School Boy Blazer, Vested Interest

These colours are amazing. L’Oreal sent me four shades from this collection and I love them all. For The Twill Of It is my favourite. This shimmering ‘inspired by an oil slick’ shade intimidated me at first, but it’s truly stunning. Vested Interest is also a perfect winter shade – my sister quickly grabbed this gorgeous grey and decided it belongs to her… I’m having second thoughts and think I have to steal it back ;)  

I also received these four iconic shades:

From left: Marshmallow, Ballet Slippers, Really Red, Licorice

These shades are beautiful and classic and will never go out of fashion. What more do you need??

If you’ve never tried an essie polish, I highly recommend that you do. I am very impressed with this brand. The RRP for an essie polish is ZAR119.

Newsflash: essie Gel is launching in July 2014! The essie Gel service will be available exclusively at nail bars and salons. 

According to essie, this system will stand out from the rest as the essie Gel has a thinner viscosity (for easier application and a natural looking result), it consists of a signature palette of 36 shades and easy, gentle removal will leave nails looking healthy. 

This is really something to look forward to!


*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by the brand for review purposes. I have not received compensation for this post and the opinions on the products are my own.

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