Call on your angels this festive season with Engelsrufer

I fell head over heels for Engelsrufer jewellery in the beginning of this year. As I’m typing this post, I can hear the feint jingle of my sound ball pendant. It’s truly one of my favourite pieces. And my wish list has just doubled…

Call on your angels this festive season with Engelsrufer

Engelsrufer has added even more beauty to their already exquisite range, just in time for the Festive Season.

Here’s why Engelsrufer will make for the perfect Christmas gift:

The ancient tradition of calling upon the angels becomes a reality with Engelsrufer.

The core range from Engelsrufer consists of a variety of sound balls, in a various colours, each making a distinct sound to attract specific angels.

These mystical sound balls are kept in a pendant, and can be further personalised with angel wings and accessories.  There are several different coloured sound balls and styled pendants and necklaces to choose from, to ensure your angel experience is your own.


Engelsrufer Balance Luna

New to the collection is Balance Luna – a classic cage made of rhodium plated 925 sterling silver and is designed with symbols for luck, peace, joy, love and faith.  The rose sound ball will call on your guardian angel to always be by your side. R2 199.

Engelsrufer Lil’ Heartwing bracelet

Engelsrufer Lil’ Heartwing earrings


The Lil’ Heartwing collection consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are available in silver and 18ct rose gold- or gold plated.  The heart is a sign of eternity whilst the angel wing symbolizes doors which open in our lives.  Together, the heartwing is a lucky charm that combines protection and love. These lovely pieces range in price from R899 to R1 299.


Engelsrufer Lil’ Feather bracelet


The Lil’ Feather bracelets are beautifully delicate and each feather has a sparkle of CZ as an additional touch. The bracelets are available in sterling silver (R899) and 18ct gold or rose gold plated (R1 099).


Engelsrufer Lil’ Dreamcatcher


The Lil’ Dreamcatcher collection is available as a pendant and stud earrings in either sterling silver, or bi-colour (sterling silver and rose gold plated). The pendant retails for R1 299 and the earrings R899 for the silver and R1 199 for the bicolour pair. The collection is rounded off with a stunning bicolour dreamcatcher bracelet which retails for R999.

Engelsrufer angel pendantEngelsrufer wing pendant

Engelsrufer also has more beautiful angels and wing pendants to add to your collection. The gold and rose gold plated angel pendants retail for R1 699 and the silver wing pendant for R1 499.

For more information or to find your nearest stockist, visit or email

Happy shopping!


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Goodness Gang Bedtime Stories

I love Food Lover’s Market. I’m pretty sure most of you do too. If you do, I’m sure you know the Goodness Gang very well. Betty Broccoli, Bongi Blueberry and Sally Strawberry are my favourite Goodness Gang characters. Take note that you only have until this Sunday (26 November 2017) to redeem characters, but lucky for us, the fun and education continues with the Goodness Gang Bedtime Stories series.

Goodness Gang Bedtime Stories

Goodness Gang Bedtime Stories

Are you ready for an exciting story of adventure, friendship and magical lands? I’m sure you are! The story features the Goodness Gang’s exciting trip from Fruitlandia to Food Lover’s Market to teach boys and girls about healthy eating and the importance of having fruit and veg every day.

The Goodness Gang Bedtime Stories is a five-part, printable PDF that you can download for free on the Food Lover’s market website over HERE. All you need to do is sign up and the link to the first chapter will be on its way to you. After that, you will receive a new part of the story every week.

Every chapter is beautifully illustrated and the kids can either read it online or you can download and print them.

Here’s a little taste …

Fruitlandia Goodness Gang Adventures

Each chapter also includes super fun colouring pages. You can also use the ZAPPAR App (that you can download for free on your smart phone) to scan the Zapcodes and watch the characters come to life! Pretty cool, hey?

Goodness Gang Colouring Pages

Cara loves the story. We’ve read it twice already. I’m sure your kids will love it too.

Well done FLM!


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