Love2Smile this February and WIN! (CLOSED)

And the winner is … Tracy!


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It’s national Fresh Breath Week and IVOhealth’s oral hygiene expert Dirna Grobbelaar shares top tips to give you the confidence you need to show of your pearly whites. Also stick around for details on how you can win a smile makeover worth R5 000 (a prize I would love to win!) and a fresh breath giveaway of our own.

Fresh Breath Week 2016 Pretty Please Charlie Sunstar GUM giveaway

About 80 to 90% of bad breath comes from poor oral hygiene. “Brushing correctly, cleaning the tongue and interdental cleaning are key for fresh breath confidence that comes from a super-clean mouth,” says Grobbelaar. When plaque and food debris break down in the mouth they release foul odours, cause irritation and disease. An effective daily oral care routine should remove this bacteria from the teeth, gums and tongue.

Brushing seems elementary but not everyone does it right. “Brushing correctly means two minutes, twice a day. Use a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste and slightly angle the brush to reach just under the gum line as well as the tooth surface.”

Over a third of South Africans admit they never floss. “The mouth isn’t clean until it’s clean in-between,” says Grobbelaar. ”If floss is not your style choose an alternative. Sunstar GUM has the widest range of interdental tools in South Africa, with everything from tiny brushes and floss handles to high-tech toothpicks with built-in fluoride.”

The tongue can be another hiding place for the baddies that cause bad breath. Gently scrape the tongue on a daily basis then gargle with alcohol-free mouthwash for extra fresh-breath confidence.

Grobbelaar recommends a professional cleaning with your oral hygienist every six months and an annual check-up with the dentist.

For more expert oral care tips and advice visit IVOhealth or speak to your dental professional.

#Love2Smile this February with Sunstar GUM and win a smile makeover! Simply purchase any Sunstar GUM product carrying the Love2Smile sticker (from Dis-Chem, Clicks or participating pharmacies) and follow the instructions on pack. You could win a professional tooth whitening treatment worth up to R5, 000! Terms and conditions apply. For info visit their Facebook page HERE.

We also have a Sunstar GUM Love2Smile hamper to give away!  The hamper is jam-packed with innovative Sunstar GUM oral care products and worth over R550!

Love2Smile Sunstar GUM giveaway Pretty Please Charlie

The prize hamper contains the following:

Sunstar GUM Original White toothpaste

Sunstar GUM Original White mouthrinse

Sunstar GUM Original White floss

Sunstar GUM Technique Pro toothbrush

Sunstar GUM Soft-Picks

Sunstar GUM Easy-Flossers

Sunstar GUM Automatic Flosbrush

Mesh cosmetic bag

Cotton wash cloth

Entry is easy: leave a comment below telling me why you love to smile. Giveaway is open to SA residents. I’ll announce the winner on 22 Feb ’16.

Good luck!


63 Replies to “Love2Smile this February and WIN! (CLOSED)”

  1. a lot can be said about smiling….I smile even when I do not want too as it instantly lifts my mood. The world is such a better place when you see people smiling, smile back at them an it just gets better.

  2. I must have certainly read this somewhere, but a saying goes “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” For this reason i ALWAYS smile so as to assure those that I come across with that I am a much more beautiful, acomodating person in the inside!

  3. I Ŀ♡√Ɛ to smile and make others smile because it makes you look more beautiful and young and approachable/friendly. Its good for the mind,body and soul. Its the best gift to someone who needs uses lesser muscles than a frown. :-)

  4. I love my smile because I feel good and great everytime I do smile. It is the best feeling ever and just to smile is the way to go :)

  5. I smile everyday because i have so much to be thankful for. I have good health, great husband and a wonderful family so there’s no reason not to smile daily, besides i have nice teeth that needs to be shown!

  6. I smile because I have learned to appreciate life and because God had blessed me with more than I ever asked for. (My Favourite saying: – Life is short so smile while you still have teeth) :)

  7. After my mother commited suicide when i was young, i told myself depression wont take over my life. I smile daily to make myself a happier person. And now that i have two beautiful little girls the smiles come naturally

  8. I really LOVE my smile and all of mankind’s because no matter where your from, who you know, were you go what language you speak, what you believe, a smile expresses the same thing to all of us.It is a universal language.

  9. I love smiling because its so infectious! A smile is the best ice breaker, conversation starter and it may just be that game changing element you need in a tough situation! A smile always completes a look! So keep smiling (“,)

  10. I love to smile because I truly believe smiling at some one sets a chain re action and you get other people to smile too, your day instantly brightens, and seriously why frown and have wrinkles, when you can smile and have dimples…# sweet comp # love it # liked n sharing on FB & tweeted..:-)

  11. I love to smile, it lights up the world and a simple smile given to a stranger can make a huge difference in the bad day they are having

  12. I love to smile because it is better to smile than to frown. :-) An unexpected smile can light up someone’s day. I always smile at strangers. Unfortunately most of them don’t smile back but there are a few people out there like me that will greet and smile back. I always get a happy tingling feeling when someone random smile at me. It is as if someone takes the time to acknowledge me and in the process makes my day better.

  13. I was always sick as child, and the constant use of antibiotics eventually eroded parts of my front teeth. For years I smiled with a closed mouth, talking with my mouth closed and laughing with my hands covering my mouth. A few years ago I started saving for some dental work to fix what went wrong as a little girl I can finally smile with my mouth wide open, laugh with no shyness or embarrassment…I literally smile at everyone, all the time…okay…maybe not all the time, smiling when someone is crying is not right :-)

  14. I love to smile because it makes me feel good AND I simply love to see the smiles I get in return because no matter who you smile at they WILL smile back.

  15. I Smile because it makes me feel good. Smiling relieves my stress and helps me stay positive. Smiling elevates my mood. Many things light a smile on my face. Playing with my neighbor’s children when I babysit them, feeling the sun on my face, swimming with my sister, dancing English Country Dance along with my dancing buddies, waking up on the first Monday of summer… I could go on and on. One Thing I can always count on to make me smile even on the gloomiest of days is God’s Love. He always cares, and that gives me joy.

  16. I love to smile as smiling is absolutely contagious. Smiling encourages people to smile back at you. Smiling causes happiness. It’s like passing good fibes

  17. I love to smile because 90 percent of my smiles come from some crazy thing my kids say or do and they benefit from a happy smiley mom.

  18. I love to smile because I never know who is fighting a battle and a smile might just encourage them without me knowing.

  19. Because smiling is attractive and its a way of inviting people to have conversations with you. It is also calming. I also have to show off my teeth after years of wearing braces to straighten them :)

    1. A genuine smile costs you nothing but can change someone else’s mood or day. It is contagious and you never know you might be going through a tough time. Your smile might make them feel seen and noticed. In the times we live in today, you can give a lot by a smile and without it taking away anything from you. One day, when you have a bad day, some random person might smile at you and bring a little happiness to your life

  20. I had extensive metal braces for years and was sadly unable to smile confidently. The braces came off and I now appreciate the orthodontic help I received and I now smile widely and brightly showing off my healthy teeth.

  21. Smiling makes me feel better and when i first meet someone it will indicate to the other person that i’m genuinely happy to see them and that i am a positive person.


  22. I love to smile to get people guessing about what I am smiling at! I generally find that when I randomly smile at people, they smile back!

  23. I love smiling because it’s a contagious thing, I know just by smiling at a total stranger I can turn around another person’s day. Smiling gives off a positive vibe so I’m all up for making others smile

  24. I love smiling:) smiling is so much better than being sad and grumpy it just makes me feel better and also the people around me happy. And I totally love my smile :) would live to win this awesome hamper to keep my smile glowing white :) shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto :)

  25. Smiling is contagious.. it just brightens up someones day.. and it doesn’t cost a thing. I could have had the worst day ever, and I get to my kids and their faces light up with smiles.. and it makes me smile.

  26. I love my smile cause it’s what greets the world daily, it’s what attracts people to you.I take dental health very seriously.

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