Bring back your summer shine with Pantene

Ah summer holidays. How do I love thee? I don’t necessarily love what you can do to my hair though. Sun, sea and wind can wreak havoc. Thankfully, the Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect collection comes to the rescue.

Bring back your summer shine with Pantene


The Pro-V Repair and Protect collection is very hydrating. With regular use is prevents cuticle damage which aids in keeping hair’s moisture management barrier intact. This in turn reduces dryness and dullness and leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny. Pantene Pro-V also protects your hair against future damage keeping your hair looking and feeling great all summer long.

The Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner has been a staple in our home for ages and both are top notch. My husband is also a huge fan. I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner last year over HERE. The shampoo and conditioner retails for R109.99 for 750ml and R69.99 for 400ml.

The Pantene Intensive Moisture Masque is a bargain at only R48.95 and I often use it as a leave-in conditioner when my hair is very dry and needs a little extra TLC.

My favourite product in the range is Pantene Gold Deep Moisturizing Soufflé. Oh my, this leave-in treatment is to die for. If you struggle with hair that is dry and damaged, this conditioner is worth its weight in gold. Think soft, smooth, shiny hair. It is only available while stock lasts though, so hurry. Before I beat you to it ;) R74.99

I tried the Pantene 24-hr Frizz Fighter on my gran’s hair a couple of days ago and it did wonders for her curls. My gran has very thick, course, naturally curly hair and the frizz fighter did an amazing job with her curls. Her curls were perfectly shaped and smooth. And not even a hint of frizz in sight. Full marks for this one. R74.99

All the products in this range get two thumbs up as it ticks all the boxes… great quality products that deliver great results at a great price.


Disclosure ranking: 2, 3

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  1. Pantene is by far my favourite Brand and would recommend it all the way. Intensive Moisture Masque being my all time fave!

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