Engelsrufer Jewellery – your own Angel Whisperer

I think you know by now that I am a sucker for pretty jewellery. And now I have been introduced to a brand that has completely stolen my heart! Please meet the Engelsrufer Angel Whisperer.

Engelsrufer Jewellery – your own Angel Whisperer

Engelsrufer Angel Whisperer

‘If you believe in guardian angels and want to connect in a closer way, the ancient tradition of the “Engelsrufer” will help you call your angel. This precious jewel is fragile like an angel but possesses strength to help in all situations.’

The German Engelsrufer Angel Whisperer serves as a good luck symbol that helps you find your guardian angel.

The exquisite handcrafted pendant baskets are made from rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver. The Engelsrufer is available in three different sizes in silver, gold or rose gold. The basket houses a handcrafted interchangeable chiming sound ball. There are 16 coloured sound balls to choose from and each has its own special meaning. Each ball has its own unique, subtle sound and is said to call your special guardian angel.

Engelsrufer Jewellery – your own Angel Whisperer

The Engelsrufer collection offers other beautiful pieces like angel wing pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. There are also a wide range of gorgeous chains to choose from.

Engelsrufer Soundball and wing Pretty Please Charlie

Engelsrufer gave me the opportunity to shop on their site and believe me when I say, it was not easy to make a choice. The range is just so beautiful!

I finally decided on the Large Grey Crystal Sound Ball Pendant and the 80cm Round Link Necklace. I’m wearing it today and I adore it.

Large Grey Crystal Sound Ball Pendant

I had to get an angel wing pendant too. I decided on the Engelsrufer ‘Friend of Hearts’ Double Pendant. I love the idea of this pendant that can be shared between friends.


Visit www.engelsrufer.co.za to have a look at what this amazing range has to offer. And if you feel like shopping…

I have great news for you!! I have a 20% discount code for you to use on your Engelsrufer online purchase. Insert the code 001AN2016 when you check out and 20% will be deducted. This discount code will be valid until 7 March 2017.

Happy shopping.


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