L’Occitane Youthful Body Almond Velvet Balm and Velvet Serum Review

L'Occitane Youthful Body Almond Velvet Balm & Velvet Serum Reviews

Drawing upon the regenerating powers of almond tree native cells, L’Occitane introduces the new Youthful Body Almond Velvet Balm and Velvet Serum.

Why Almond?

Almond is well-know for its ability to nourish the skin, L’OCCITANE has harnessed the exceptional beautifying power of almond from the south of France and integrated it in body treatments and toiletries that are both deliciously tempting and wonderfully effective. Made with Almonds sourced from Haute Provence, the Almond range, including our delicious shower oil and mouth watering body cream, supports the sustainability of almond trees in the region, as these trees area staple to the beauty of the Provencal landscape.

With every L’Occitane product I try, my love for this French brand just seems to grow deeper.

Both of these products target 5 key signs of body aging, namely dryness, skin slackening, lack of tonicity, fine lines and skin irregularities. The almond tree flower scent is sophisticated, subtle and truly lovely.

The Youthful Almond Velvet Balm is a treat beyond any other. The cream is rich and luxurious and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Indulgence at its best. My extremely dry and sensitive skin almost sighs with relief when I apply this cream. R710 for 200ml.

The Youthful Almond Velvet Serum can be used on its own or before the balm. I was very surprised that even though it feels incredibly light-weight, my dry skin was left feeling comfortable and smooth even when used on its own. I think this is a brilliant product for warmer days or for those who do not like the feeling of cream on their skin, but still need the nourishment and care. The Velvet Serum also contains Vitamin C to aid in evening out skin tone. R660 for 100ml.

I can find no fault with these two beauties. The packaging, the scent, the ingredients and the results all get two thumbs up.


Disclosure Ranking: 2

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  1. L’Occitane has always been one of those luxury brands with the alluring packaging that I’ve been dying to try. And with my dry skin problems, it seems I should!

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