GIVEAWAY – Juliette Armand SunFilm SPF 30 {CLOSED}

And the winner is… Bianca Balutto!

Congratulations. I’ll contact you shortly x

Summer is here! Finally. And I hope you are wearing sun protection every day? Take it from someone a bit older (who would give anything to go back and slap my sun-worshipping 20 year old self)…

Never, ever go a day without sunscreen! Especially in summer. Okay, lecture over. Let’s get to the good part.

Juliette Armand has kindly sponsored one of their fabulous SunFilm products to give away.

Juliette Armand SunFilm SPF30 tinted sun gel giveaway Pretty Please Charlie
Juliette Armand SunFilm SPF30

Why do you want to win this?

Juliette Armand SunFilm SPF30 is a soothing sun gel that is suitable for all skin types, but ideal for sensitive and oily skins. The tinted gel not only protects your skin, but will give it a lovely glow as well. The gel has a delicate non-oily feel and the formulation is paraben-, mineral oil-, porpylene glycol- and allergen free. SunFilm also contains revolutionary ANTITOX.

The unique ANTITOX by Juliette Armand ensures the antioxidant properties of sunscreen products with high protection factors. It is an innovative and powerful new-generation antioxidant cocktail with the revolutionary self-regenerating mechanism of its antioxidant ingredients. The mechanism is activated during the action of these ingredients, as opposed to common antioxidants which are counteracted during their action.

To enter, like Pretty Please Charlie on Facebook HERE (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment below sharing your favourite thing about summer. It would be great if you could show Juliette Armand some love too. I’ll announce the winner on 12 November ’15. South African residents only.

Good luck!


24 Replies to “GIVEAWAY – Juliette Armand SunFilm SPF 30 {CLOSED}”

  1. my favourite thing about Summer is the loooong Varsity holiday break starting this week and I can get to go surfing almost everyday


  3. Oooooooh my favourite thing about summer is all the fun things we get to do outdoors with my family.. Outings to the park, beach and picnics at the pool :-) I love drinking coke with lots of ice and eat ice creams to cool down.. Summer is the best!

  4. So excited for Summer!! Im not a winter person at all!! Cant do the cold… My favourite thing about summer is the pretty dresses and sandals :)

  5. Trips to the beach! Sand in my toes, sun on my face, wind in my hair, the taste of salty sea water on my lips and a melting ice cream in my hands. A whole lot of fun under the sun. That basically sums up my summer and I can’t wait to share it all with my new little one :)

  6. Actually seeing the sun is one of my favourite things, not having to layer up in 500 things to keep warm, sitting in the sun and feeling a soft breeze cool you down. Man, I could go on forever ;)

  7. Liked and love the page on Facebook!!
    My ultimate fave thing about summer is wearing pretty summer clothes like dresses and kimono’s!! :)

  8. My favorite thing about summer is days out by the pool, smothered in sun screen (of course!), ice lollies, pool noodles,lilos, pretending to be mermaids in the water, children laughing, dogs barking, water guns and ending the wonderful day off with a braai.
    (liked on FB)

  9. I love summer. Always have. As a child, I loved the warmth and the freedom and the fireflies. As a teenager, I loved the freedom from school and the long, lazy days spent by the pool. In my youth, summer always symbolized freedom. Summer is freeing. There is more time (longer days!) and more happiness (how hard it is for me to be sad when the sun is shining!). There is tanned skin and sun-kissed hair. There is warmth and joy and a slowness that calms everyone just a little bit. Summer is Time for an adventure/ time to relax. Time for ice cream and frozen yogurt, night walks after the sun goes down, flip flops and bare feet, sun rises and sun sets, afternoon naps, watermelon and strawberries and blueberries, tank tops, sun dresses.. I Live in a bathing suit, paint my nails bright orange and bask in the sun! Neon colors, outdoor concerts, beach chairs, iced coffee, sand in my toes, 8pm runs, and big sunglasses! There’s nothing quite like summertime foods to remind me of how great summer is. There are certain things I love to eat during the summer that I rarely have any other time of the year — watermelon, corn on the cob, and fruit salad being three of my favourite. Life’s too short not to enjoy the beautiful season of summer.

  10. My favourite thing to do during summer is to relax on the porch watching the sun set on those lovely hot summer afternoons sipping on a cocktail

  11. My favourite thing has to be getting messy by eating something like mango and watermelon, pure summer fruits. And the smell of rain falling on soil after a hot summer’s day :) xx

  12. I love the hot weather and that the outside mornings are lighter eralier and it gets darker later. It’s just a season of happiness and beach days.

  13. I love that the sun sets later in summer, which means more time on beach. I love evening walks on the beach when it is still light.

  14. I love being outdoors in the sun everything is so much brighter and I feel happier. I love swimming, having cocktails by the pool, braai’s and picnics. Summer is just so much better and happier :)

  15. Favourite thing about summer… My 2 young children can run freely outside, shout as loud as they like, and burn off all their endless energy.. no more stuck in front of the tv.. Summer just makes everybody happy :-)

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