Giveaway: Win a Christian Art Media Hamper

The winner of the hamper & the blue planner is Thea Lennox! Congratulations!

And 2nd prize… the pink planner goes to Heidi de Goede!

Last year was the first year that I did not use a diary or planner. Why? Technology of course. Why use a planner if you have all the tools you need to plan your life on your smart phone, right? WRONG. It did not work for me. The calendar on my phone was boring and it failed me more than once.

I decided to go back to what works for me… planning my life with pen and paper. Christian Art Media sent me 2 gorgeous planners to inspire and motivate me. And help me kick 2018’s behind.

Christian Diary 2018 Blue

Christian Diary 2018 Pink

Both planners are beautiful, but I decided to use the top one as it’s an 18 month planner and goes to Feb 2019. I like to plan ahead as much as I possible can.

Thank you Christian Art Media. I am totally in love with my new planner! Here’s to an amazing year!

Giveaway: Win a Christian Art Media Hamper

Are you still looking for a diary for 2018? I have great news… you can win one of these planners as part of an awesome Christian Art Media Hamper.

Giveaway Win a Christian Art Media Hamper

Pink or blue, you can choose!

The hamper also includes WOW Hits 2018 Deluxe. WOW Hits 2018 features your favorite artists, singing their biggest hits. WOW Hits 2018 Deluxe captures 36 songs on 2 CD’s that will inspire. I reviewed WOW 2017 last year and it is amazing. I can’t wait to listen to the newest release.

WOW Hits 2018 Deluxe

You can also win a copy of They Grow Up Fast (DVD).

‘With the birth of his first child, Independent filmmaker Darren Doane picked up his camera and began documenting the process of becoming a family. Ten years in the making, They Grow Up Fast is a profound and entertaining documentary for the entire family. From mud puddles and family road trips to backyard parties and the birth of their third child in the front seat of their truck, Doane captures all the amazing adventures one has becoming a family. Good friend and best selling author ND Wilson crafted the script and brought new eyes to what it means to be a father and mother and the high calling of faithful parenting. They Grow Up Fastwill entertain kids and inspire parents as they travel along with the Doanes on their grand adventure of growing as a family. Dove approved (Faith-friendly, all ages).’

They Grow Up Fast

Also included are the following books:

Mother Tongue (Leonard Sweet), Treasuresin Dark Places (Leanna Cinquanta), The Unseen Companion (Michelle Lynn Senters) and The Simplest Way To Change The World (Dustin Willis/Brandon Clements).

Christian Art Media Books

All you have to do is comment below telling me which planner you would like me to include in the hamper and you are in the draw. Extra entries for Facebook and Twitter shares  – make sure to leave a separate comment for each share telling me where you’ve shared the giveaway. Please make sure to leave your Twitter handle and/or Facebook name for verification. Max of 3 entries per person. Giveaway is open to SA residents only. I will send the hamper to the winner via Postnet. Winner will be announced on 15 January 2018.

Good luck!


177 Replies to “Giveaway: Win a Christian Art Media Hamper”

  1. Evening household devotions werе one of the vital important еlements of Lee and Larry?s day.
    Daddy read a part of the story oof Jesus coming at Chrіstmas whіch is where
    he read every year during December so they would
    know the reаl purposе for Christmas, to celebrate tһee delivery ᧐f Jeѕus.
    On the end off it, Lee requested, ?DadԀy, did Jesus get a pаrty yearly with presents and a clown too?

  2. I super duper love the blue one, I recently just connected with God again and this hamper would sure keep me on track.
    Shared on Facebook
    Tagged Linz Govender

  3. This is awesome!
    Pink please 🙂
    I love the marble effect and the font! Would make the perfect 2018 diary…. Some new music would just be WOW wonderful too 😄

  4. Would love the blue Planner. Blue is my favorite colour so clean, Pure, fresh and Calm. just like the start of a new Year.

  5. Please could you include the pink one in my parcel. This year I will be taking over the women”s ministry and will be very busy.

  6. I would absolutely love the blue one. These are SO beautiful and would be perfect for all my goals and content planning. Nothing better than to put pen to paper and then cross things off.
    Will retweet from @kandidlykerry

  7. Hello x I think both are beautiful but would love the pink please! What a lovely hamper. I am sharing on Facebook (Lynn Minnie). Thank you x

  8. I would love to win the blue planner in your very first pic, as I will give it to my husband. He loves planners and will make better use of it then I would. He is always looking for a stylish planner and these are perfect.
    My name on Facebook is Cheryldene Vos Ferreira Coetser

  9. Oooooh yes pretty please I would certainly love the blue planner,blue is my favourite colour, winning this prize will help me tremendously considering I am a totally unorganised person, to be honest one of my new years resolution was to become a more organised person . Crossing my fingers♥♥♥♥♥

  10. I love the Blue planner,the cover is a daily reminder of how blessed we are to see another year and to make the most of it. I can’t think of a better more inspiring way to start each new day.

  11. I absolutely adore the blue planner, it is fabulous! 😍 I am eager to make this a fresh year and to get stuff done. This planner would really inspire me and help me to plan, prioritize and make this year a good one! ❤️🎉🌸

  12. Thank you so much for a stunning blog 🌷 I love pretty diary’s- they keep me motivated and positive for the year. I really like the pink diary please 💕

    Holding thumbs and wishing you the most magical year ahead 😊🦄

  13. I would love to win the pink one. I think this would be an awesome prize to win and to be inspired each day! Will share via Facebook as Leanie Foot

  14. A very happy and blessed 2018 to you.
    Oooooh Id love the pink one please. I am all girly girly so carrying around my pink daily planner all year through suits me best 🌸

    1. I agree with you new technology is not always such a great idea and can sometimes lead to dissapointment. I love both but have to go for pink as it reminds me of so many cancer patients who lost their lives to this disease. Shared on facebook

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