Keeping cool this summer thanks to the GMC Aircon AB630 Portable Evaporative Cooler

I won’t be losing my cool (or plotting revenge against my cuddle-loving husband) this summer thanks to the AB630 Portable Evaporative Cooler from GMC Aircon.

Our bedroom gets hot. And when I say hot, I mean damn hot.  We don’t have a big bedroom and it gets direct sun most of the day in summer. We have a ceiling fan, but it proves to be quite useless. Especially on those exceptionally scorching days come Jan and Feb in Cape Town.

This summer we’ll be cool and comfortable thanks to GMC Aircon.

GMC Aircon’s AB630 Portable Evaporative Cooler

GMC Aircon AB630 Portable Evaporative Cooler

Many people shy away from evaporative coolers because of their size. Including us. The ones I’ve seen are big and clunky. And to be honest; ugly. The AB630 portable evaporative cooler from GMC Aircon however is extremely compact and it looks pretty good too.

GMC Aircon

Don’t be fooled by its size though. This powerhouse packs a punch and has enough oomph to cool a room to a comfortable temperature without increasing your electricity account.

The AB630 cools air through evaporation. It works by pulling in outside air with its fan which passes through a set of cooling pads inside the housing unit. The air is then cooled via evaporation and released out into the room.

Still not cool enough? Not a problem. Simply make use of the ice boxes in the housing.

GMC Aircon has gone a step further with the AB630 and introduced an air ionizer that cleans and filters the air inside the unit as it cools it down. This means nothing but cool, clean air… sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Great news for allergy sufferers like me.

Negative ions have been proven to reduce effects of depression, oxygen flow to the body thereby increasing alertness and giving you more mental energy.

The cooler is super easy to use and maintain. It can be programmed using the settings and the large LED display on the unit, or (for the super lazy like me) via  the handy remote control.

The AB630 has many fantastic features, as you can see, but the biggest pro for me is the portability. The cooler can easily be moved from room to room as it is exceptionally light and it has wheels. This fact may also cause a few tiffs in the house. But I’ll be nice and share. Occasionally ;)

You can order online from the GMC Aircon website or from Takealot.  GMC offers free delivery anywhere in SA, a 2-year warranty and a money back guarantee.

The AB630 Portable Evaporative Cooler retails for R1 849.


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