Thomas Sabo – are you a Rebel at Heart?

Oh my, if there was ever a jewellery collection that was designed just for me, this would be it. Please behold the utter gorgeousness of Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart.


Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

‘Created by hand with precision craftsmanship, made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and with hand-picked, precious stones: the iconic Rebel at Heart line is characterised by the special feel for masculine design codes. The subtle mix of materials and the detailed signature characterise the unique aesthetics of the collection.’

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart2

‘Tireless dynamism and honest passion – rebels are extraordinary characters, who make their own way in life. Side by side with people they care about, free in spirit and loyal to others, they have the courage to grab hold of the opportunities life offers them. Inspired by meaningful moments and moving experiences our jewellery stands for this unique philosophy of life.’

Oh, Thomas Sabo, you have my rebel heart!

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

I WANT IT ALL. The detail, the design, the colours. Just wow. The following pieces are top of my lust list…

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart

Aren’t they all simply spectacular?! You can see I have a thing for skulls, hey? I am the lucky owner of one of these gorgeous skulled beauties (keep an eye on the blog as you may get lucky as well; wink-wink).

The ear cuff and tribal Kathmandu ear stud are sadly not available in South Africa at the moment, but I’m hoping that Thomas Sabo will take pity on my broken heart… a girl can dream ;)

Rebel at Heart is my favourite collection from Thomas Sabo, but they have many more exquisite pieces and collections that will most definitely make your heart skip a beat.

To find out more about Thomas Sabo in South Africa, please visit their Facebook page over HERE.

Happy shopping rebels!


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