TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil Review

I posted about this tanning oil a couple of weeks ago as I had a little sample to try out and it blew me away. I was very happy with the results as this is the first self-tanning product that I have found that I do not have a terrible reaction to. My eczema does not like the chemicals in self-tan. Have a look at my previous post HERE to learn more about this organic self-tanning brand and why my skin is so happy with it.

The fabulous people from TanOrganic then sent me a full size Tanning Oil!!

R599… and worth every cent.

I usually struggle with my eczema as soon as the weather becomes warmer as my flare-ups are more frequent in summer. This weekend I decided to bite the bullet and try it even though my skin is not 100% clear. Please note that I do not have weaping or infected eczema. I would not recommend any type of cosmetic product in those severe cases! My skin just tends to get very itchy, red and extremely dry.

The instructions say to apply the product to cleansed and moisturised skin. I did a head to toe exfoliation and then applied Lipidol’s After Shower Oil. I gave that a while to completely absorb and then I used my hands to work in the tanning oil. It was super quick and simple. Because it’s an oil, I found it very easy to spread the product evenly. I just made sure to apply a little less on the areas that tend to be a bit drier and where self-tan tends to easily ‘show’… elbows, ankles, knees, etc. I love that there is no need for a tanning mitt and that, after a quick wash, there is no evidence of a self-tan application left on my hands. The oil didn’t take very long to absorb and left my skin feeling beautifully moisturised. I got dressed almost immediately afterwards, and I haven’t noticed any marks on my clothing. I mentioned in my previous post that there was no typical self-tan smell… unfortunately that is not completely true. Because I applied self-tan all over my body this time (not gutsy enough to try self-tan on my face yet), I could detect a feint scent. Not overwhelming, but it is there.

After about 6 hours I had some colour! Yay. The change wasn’t dramatic, but my skin looked healthy and glowing. And I was not Jersey Shore orange! My mom popped in last night and commented on my beautiful tan. She was surprised that it came out of a bottle as it really does look natural.

I also love that the tan is buildable and I can reapply after 3 – 4 days.

AND… yet again… no reaction! Just soft, smooth, tanned skin.

This product gets 2 thumbs up!! Thank you TanOrganic.


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