Fashion trends. I don’t always get them. I hardly ever follow them. Who decides what is in and what’s not anyway? And why do people really care so much? Whether it’s hot right now or not, I think you should wear what makes you feel good. I do have to draw the line at flatforms and bodysuits though. The only time those two trends should be seen, is at 90’s fancy dress parties.

I am totally contradicting myself now, because I am quite pleased that a look I used to love, has become popular again. It seems to rear its ‘ugly’ head every couple of years. And yes, you may feel about it as I do about flatforms, but I still love socks and sandals. Not in the older-gentlemen-tourist-socks-and-crocs kinda way though. I think the heels and socks trend can be super cute, and socks and sandals remind me of my days as a student. I used to rock my sliders and socks back in the day.

And I still think that little feet look super adorable in socks and sandals.

Rocking the old school socks and sandals trend thanks to Saltwater

Cara and I are not quite ready for boots, and still utterly in love with our Salt Water Sandals, so why the hell not?

Socks and Sandals Trend Pretty Please Charlie

Saltwater sandals and socks

Saltwater sandals and socks

Saltwater sandals and socks

I have to include this last one to show off Cara’s mad photography skills ;)

Thanks for these awesome sandals Salt Water!


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