Popsiebelle grows imaginations

Meet Popsiebelle.


This weirdly wonderful girl is kind, smart and she loves to have wonderful adventures with all her friends. And she wants you to join in her adventures.

Popsiebelle grows imaginations

Popsiebelle is an original, award-winning, proudly South African brand that aims to inspire children to develop and grow their imaginations using the Popsiebelle characters as a platform.


We want children to not just consume, as is the norm these days, but rather to create, contribute and to continue developing their unbound imagination and creativity. We provide a few stories, but as a whole, your child will have ownership of the brand, they will dictate who Popsiebelle is and what the characters will become. We need a whole generation of children whose boundless imagination will create and become potential entrepreneurs, visionaries or anything they can imagine. – popsiebelle.com

The lovely Ingrid spoiled Cara with a huge Popsiebelle parcel a while ago and she is still in love.

Popsiebelle pretty please charlie

So what exactly is Popsiebelle all about?

Popsiebelle is a range of children’s toys and products. Popsiebelle products are covered in vibrant landscapes and fun detailed characters created to inspire children to use their own imaginations and tell their own stories. These high quality products are items like bibs, pillow cases, placemats and plush toys that are fun, bright and vibrant landscapes filled with interesting characters that inspire your child to make up their own fun and adventures on these colourful canvasses.

Cara was super spoiled with a placemat, notebook, bag, colourful cards and a tooth fairy pillow. My favourite is the placemat. We are big TV watchers and evenings are usually so rushed that we end up eating in front of the box. We recently changed that. Cara was not happy. But this gorgeous placemat is proving to be a wonderful distraction. Well done Ingrid.

Cara’s favourite is her pretty bag. It goes with her everywhere!

Popsiebelle pretty please charlie 3

We received these gorgeous goodies quite a while ago, but the reason I’m only telling you about it now is because I first wanted to try the Tooth Fairy Pillow.

Popsiebelle pretty please charlie 4

The idea is that your child writes a little note for the tooth fairy (in our case, the ‘tandemuis’). You then tape the tooth to the inside of the note with the little message. Then you hide the note.

Popsiebelle pretty please charlie 2

Once the Toothfairy paid her visit (and her dues), mom and dad can keep the card as a precious keepsake. Cute idea, isn’t it?

Have we had a chance to use it? Nope. That loose tooth does not want to budge. Hopefully soon though!

The product that I think stands out from all the rest, is the Popsiebelle Story Pillow. These pillows aim to encourage interactive storytelling & stimulate the imagination. And they are gorgeous. I want!


Visit www.popsiebelle.com today to see how they can help grow your little one’s imagination.


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