Pedirelax foot cream review PLUS a huge giveaway!

I love all lotions, creams and butters and I thoroughly enjoy slathering them on from my head to my fee…

No wait. I lie. From my head to my ankles.

I find foot creams to be a pain. Especially in summer. Most creams and balms are think and greasy. Whilst they can do a great job at moisturising and healing, they leave a slippery film on your feet that I hate – you can’t put on your shoes, walking around leaves your footprints everywhere and I am not putting on socks in this heat waiting for the cream to absorb. So what do I do? I skip it completely. What does that result in? Dry skin and cracked heels that should not be shown off in pretty summer sandals.

You feel my pain? So what should you do? You go to Clicks or Dis-Chem right now and go get yourself Pedirelax foot cream.

Pedirelax foot cream review PLUS a huge giveaway!

Pedirelax foot cream review PLUS a huge giveaway!

Pedirelax Diabetic Foot Care Cream – R99.95 for 100ml

I was very surprised when I tried the cream for the first time as it seemed way too light to be effective. I was wrong. Even though it is super light (which also means that it absorbs very quickly), it is very hydrating and moisturising and will sort out dryness and cracked heels in no time. I also find the cream to be very soothing when my feet feel a bit puffy or swollen.

Why is the cream good for diabetics? Diabetes can cause dehydration, impaired circulation and increased risk of infection which means that diabetics really have to take special care of their feet. But it’s not only people who suffer from this condition who are at risk. This cream is great for anyone who is in need of increased micro-circulation (which this cream is clinically proven to do). Pedirelax Diabetic Foot Care Cream also contains Piroctane Olamine which inhibits fungal growth and infection.

Pedirelax Regenerative Cream – R79.95 for 50ml

This beauty is intended for feet that’s prone to damage and cracking. Sadly, that describes mine to a T. If I don’t take care of my feet, they rebel by becoming dry and sore. And that is exactly what happens in summer because, as I’ve mentioned, I hate heavy formulas. That’s why this cream makes caring for my feet a dream. The feather light formula leaves my feet feeling and looking amazing.

I highly recommend both of these creams.


Want to win a 6 month supply of Pedirelax? That’s a 6 month supply of both creams worth R1 080!

Of course you do. Enter via the Rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed.

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Good luck!


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61 Replies to “Pedirelax foot cream review PLUS a huge giveaway!”

  1. always happy to try new products especially those that are proven to work…great review!
    My feet could do with some pampering.

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing. I don’t take care of my feet like I should. They are stuck in socks and safety boots every day, come rain or shine (excl.weekends). My poor feet really need some TLC.. And i might just be able to convince hubby to give me that foot massage I’ve been begging for lol

  3. This hamper would do me and my grandmother a lot of good,we’re constantly on our feet.Our feet aren’t as fabulous as they should be.

  4. I have hyperhidrosis aka sweaty feet, I’m unable to use the butters and balms as they make me sweat excessively! Pedirelax would be so ideal for me

  5. Being a teacher I spend most of my days on my feet so this will be awesome to have them look great while I am on them most of the time!! :)

  6. Both my father and mother in law have bad feet because of diabetes. I’d love to do their feet for them as a gift with great product

  7. Would be so amazing to win this awesome prize as I have Swollen Feet and Dry Cracked Heels.Tried many products that just don’t do my feet any good.Would be lovely to have a Product like PediRelax that can soothe and leave my feet feeling soft.

  8. I so need this! So does my mother who is diabetic and is always worried about her feel and ingrown toenails.. Would love to pamper her with this! :D

  9. Oh woe to our poor hardworking and so often neglected feet!! I too can’t stand a slippery greasy foot cream and only use them at night (if I remember), so these would be a treat!!

  10. I’d love to win those creams. I’ve tried so many foot creams for my dry feet over the years but haven’t found the right one for me yet. My husband is diabetic, so this foot care cream would also help him. Fingers crossed

  11. Wow these products sound amazing…

    I agree, I hate putting creams on my feet in the day as you go slipping and sliding in your heels!!!

    My feet get hidden in my pumps, so I think it’s time for me to try this for sure…

  12. I agree…I have to wait until late at night when I plan to not walk again to put some heel balm on. THen I need to get up to wash my hands because they feel sticky. IN the morning no chance of me being able to put some on. WIll definitely look out for these at Dischem!

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