Body Worlds Vital is heading to Cape Town

I am so excited that the BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition is on its way to Cape Town. I didn’t go the last time the exhibition was here and my friends could not stop talking about it. I am not missing it this time.

BODY WORLDS is the most successful touring exhibition of all time and it has attracted more than 40 million visitors in over 100 cities worldwide.


Body Worlds Vital Cape Town 2016

BODY WORLDS Vital is a new chapter in the BODY WORLDS series. The previous exhibition focussed on the ageing process, whilst Vital will be focusing how our lifestyle choices affect our health and vitality as well as the effects of certain major chronic diseases on the body.

More than 180 anatomical specimens of real human bodies show us how sophisticated, yet fragile, our bodies really are.

Body Worlds Vital Cape Town 2016

“Body Worlds (Vital) really brings every man face to jarring face with his own mortality: it shows us that, at cellular and molecular level, we are all a complex assemblage of bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other tissue: a humbling thought,” says the Financial Mail’s Christina Kennedy.

Body Worlds Vital Cape Town 2016

 Proudly presented by Discovery, this unique exhibition celebrates the wonder, resilience and fragility of the human body.

Body Worlds Vital Cape Town 2016

The exhibition will be running from 9 August to 23 October 2016 at the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Book now at and get a detailed look at the human body’s keenly intelligent design, explore how it functions, and see what happens when disease strikes.

Photo credits images 1 & 3: Great World Exhibitions 

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