Win with The Lunchbox – snack packs for a whole month!

It’s back to school for Cara tomorrow and that means that I still have to go do snack shopping after work today. I completely forgot over the weekend! Are you in the same boat? Well, The Lunchbox can come to your rescue.

The lunchbox

Being a parent in this day and age is already stressful enough. What with having to keep up with the Pinterest parents’ fancy healthy rainbow sandwiches, and don’t even mention the social media judgement! If all moms had the time, we could all be that domestic goddess!

Thankfully The Lunchbox has come to rescue us from our mediocrity. With 21 pre-packed snack packs, it now takes mom (or dad) literally 45 seconds in the morning to prep two kids’ lunches for the day.

This means, if you want to, I can use that extra time to catch up on sleep, try a new hairstyle on your daughter’s waist-length hair, expand on the usual peanut butter sarmies, or make sure that the kids actually brush each and every tooth!

Each pack consists of three food items and one drink. Valued at under R33 per pack, this is also a huge saving, both on your pocket and time. Gone are the days of rushing around on a Sunday night, or waking up in a panic on Thursday morning when you realise that all the fruit bars are gone.

The Lunchbox recommends keeping a few packs in the car for the inevitable moans of hunger during the afternoon school runs. It’s said you have to pay for convenience, but with no delivery fee, it will feel as though you reaping all the benefits.

To order your pack, or find out more, visit

Win with The Lunchbox – snack packs for a whole month! 

lunch box

How awesome does that sound? No shopping, prepping or packing. Snack packs are ready to pop in the school bag and you have a whole month with one less worry.

Enter via the Rafflecopter below and you can win 21 pre-packed snack packs, each containing 3 packed food products + a beverage, worth R688.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • All entries will be verified.
  • The giveaway is open to SA residents only.
  • Giveaway entrants are not obligated to like any Facebook pages, but it would be appreciated.
  • The Sponsor will send the prize to the winner directly.

Good luck!


143 Replies to “Win with The Lunchbox – snack packs for a whole month!”

  1. Fabulous giveaway. Perfect for my grandchildren for their lunch boxes, especially my one grandson who was diagnosed with Diabetes 1, (he is only 6 years old) perfect for his snack times in between his meals. This would help his parents so much, I would love to win this hamper for them….

  2. This would be a great win, an ideal, nutritious, energy-packed hunger buster to get my family through our busy days on the go!

  3. The Lunchbox offering- What a fabulous way to make life just that much easier with all the various tasks on hand in the home.

  4. We are distinguished by our most outstanding characteristics, whether it is perseverance, determination, kindness, devotion, or something else. And, yes, we are all a little bit weird too… me also. Sometimes, dreams about being on time fade away over time. AND hey, life happens! But one should stay dreaming dreams… About tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. About one less concern, healthiness, fitness and clothes that always fit – even if these dreams not always become true. One has a choice. Every morning when one wakes up, one can choose joy, happiness, contentment, cheerfulness… or not. Knowing that there are 21 pre-packed snack packs will definitely add to my joy and happiness every morning…

  5. What a wonderful idea, the lunchbox stress every morning is real. With one in primary school and another in high school, the variety is sure to meet both tastes.

  6. Value for money and quality for the family. Also, it will be a treat that the family can indulge in every day. Thank you

  7. What an amazing prize this would be. Making it easier to get out the door in the mornings, just grab a bag and go. No more worrying about if my son is eating a healthy lunch or not. And no more throwing away the soggy cheese sandwich at the end of the day. Time and money saved!

  8. If i win will be a great present for my daughter whom i was unable to give her a present on her birthday last month! Fingers crossed.

  9. Omw what a fabulous prize. I will be so thrilled if I was to be picked as a lucky winner. Keeping my fingers crossed 😊

  10. Moms need all the help we can get..winning this will give me a least an extra 10mins to play with my boys instead of packing snacks for the next day…

  11. wow wow wow this would make me sooooo extremely happy you have no idea xxxxxx following everywhere xxx twitter=@laurengerber1

  12. This is such a great idea and especially for cutting down on morning routine times. We wake up at 4 in the morning and my kids and i have to leave home at 5:30, this would save me so much time and give them some much needed time to sleep in a little, really great prizec

  13. woud love to win, life saver single mom with two kids and only two hands , this would definitely help me save time with all the things i have to do , and spend more time with my kids

  14. With 3 kids…I know the Sunday night struggle. Mini cheddars, biltong, yoghurts, etc. I love putting diverse lunches together for the kids, but I don’t always have time. Would be awesome to win this.

  15. Oh wow. This is awesome. I hate thinking of lunch ideas. This would be so easy and stress free. Not forgetting super nutritious.

  16. These lunch packs are not only convenient but also contain the healthiest of snacks! If one teaches their children to eat healthily whilst small – they are bound to stick with that eating pattern! My friends son is proof of it!

  17. This will be so great for my fussy eater all this snacks will be satisfying for him everyday while he’s at school half day

  18. I have been dying to try this service for such a long time. It would be great to take them for a “test drive” and I am sure if my son loves this, I will be a full time subscriber!!

  19. oh this will make things so much easier in the morning for me and it would put my mind at ease knowing my 7 year old son is enjoying his lunch all thanks to The Lunchbox….would love to win

  20. This would be great for my 19 month old. I gave to forever worry about snacks for the day and hope I’m not doing my child any harm.

  21. This is so fantastic! Every Friday my son has share day at school , so you give a friend a treat and this is perfect . Always knocking my head as wot you send.

  22. This is a great idea…my 5 year old is currently snacking so much and there is nothing quite like this to satisfy her on our long drive home from school

  23. Awesome giveaway… would live to try these health packs… just what I’m looking for 😁😁😁💛💛💛

  24. An absolutely informative review as always. Love this exciting concept, the kids would love it too. Healthy, nutritious, delicious and FUN.

  25. A wonderful concept, its healthy, nutritious, satisfying, a delight to win thank you.
    Interesting and informative review .

  26. Can you imagine…
    I won’t have to make lunch box snacks for a whole month…
    WoW that will be super cool..
    I already getting excited…

  27. Can you imagine…
    I won’t have to make lunch box snacks for a whole month…
    WoW that will be super cool…

  28. this is absolutely awesome saving one so much time and trouble, I would love this so that I can sleep in for 30 minutes longer

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