Tangle Angel Detangling Hair Brush review

My rock ‘n roll heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on Tangle Angel Totally Turquoise. Angel wings! Isn’t this the most gorgeous hair brush you have ever seen?!

Tangle Angel Hair Brush Review Pretty Please Charlie

The Tangle Angel was designed by celebrity and Royal hairdresser Richard Ward:

‘Customers and stylists on the salon floor often found that other detangling brushes slipped out of their hands as they had no handle whereas some of my 80-strong team of stylists and technicians like to hold their brushes around the body for greater control so we needed a design that worked for both the consumer and the professional. We experimented with different concepts but the most ergonomic was the design that looked like it had wings, so the Tangle Angel was born.’

So the angel wings design isn’t just to make the brush easier on the eye! If I had to rate this product on looks alone though, it would get an 11/10, but let’s get down to the brush itself.

The hair brushes are antibacterial, anti-static, ergonomically designed and heat resistant.

Turquoise looks gorgeous standing up and it’s water resistant. I love that I can use it on wet hair as I prefer to detangle both my own and my little girl’s curls when we condition. It is very easy to work with whether I use it holding the handle or around the wings. The bristles are positioned at different heights to allow for easier detangling. And it works.

I am very happy with this brush and I am sure it will be on many girls’ Christmas wish lists this year.

The Tangle Angel range also includes Tangle Angel Classic, Xtreme, Cherub and Baby.

The Pet Angel deserves an extra special mention.

Tangle Angel Pet Angel pet grooming brush South Africa

‘After much research we realised that nearly all pet grooming brushes are made from metal but also look quite torturous and perfunctory. That’s why we came up with our strapline –‘Makes Grooming your Pet a Pleasure not a Pain’ as the feedback has been amazing – not only is it kind and gentle but it’s clearly very giftable. We’ve got clips from our testers of their animals experiencing pain free, hygienic grooming and they’re great to watch. The fact that it was tested on humans just adds to the story!’

Isn’t it stunning?!

Prices range from R80 for Tangle Angel baby to R380 for Tangle Angel Xtreme.

Tangle Angel is available at selected salons on online at Tangle Angel and Retailbox.


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