Review – Sudio VASA BLA Earphones

When Sudio contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would like to try out a pair of Sudio Sweden earphones, I politely accepted the offer as I don’t own Bluetooth earphones. I thought it could be handy to have a pair. Oh my, Sudio earphones are not just ‘handy’. They are so much more. Please behold Sudio Vasa Bla

Review – Sudio VASA BLA Earphones

Review - Sudio VASA BLA Earphones

Sudio is a Swedish company who manufactures earphones that are not only functional but also gorgeous to look at. Their range of exclusive wireless and non-wireless earphones are not only tech devices, but designer statement accessories.

I love the story about how Sudio got its name …

Sudio Vasa Bla Review

Sudio’s philosophy:

‘Each Sudio model is carefully engineered by our designer with our consumer’s preference in mind. Our timeless design is suitable for every occasion, whether you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a polo. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the Sudio sound piece will be your elegant companion.’

‘Sudio represents elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite minimalistic design.’

‘Sudio stands for elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite quality. Our customers should be proud of wearing and using our products. We strive for perfection in our customer service and will always make sure you will get a wow experience as a customer.’

The Sudio Vasa Bla earphones are a premium pair of wireless earphones which embodies all that is best about Scandinavian design: simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

The Sudio Vasa Bla earphones offer quality sound, an elegant design and 8 hours of play. Vasa Bla is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and when paired with your phone, it can take calls with the built-in microphone.

Vasa Bla comes with a beautiful leather pouch, four different-sized silicone tips to help you get a perfect fit, as well as a metal clip that you can use to secure the cable to your clothing (if you choose).

Sudio Sweden Pretty Please Charlie

I love my Vasa Bla’s. They give me the freedom to enjoy my music whilst doing whatever needs to be done, without the annoyance of tangled wires.

Sudio does have me hooked. Now they have me dreaming of a black pair of noise canceling Regents. And I’m sure my love for this brand won’t stop there.

Whether you are looking for the wireless freedom of Sudio VASA BLA, earphones ideal for an active lifestyle or on-ear headphones that are becoming the ultimate contemporary accessory, Sudio Sweden will have the perfect pair for you.

Sudio Vasa Bla retails for R1530.

Plus I have a discount code for you!

You will get 15% OFF if you use my code PRETTYPLEASECHARLIE15 at checkout on the Sudio Sweden website. 

Happy shopping!


Disclosure ranking: 2

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