Short hair, do(n’t) care? Plus a hair loss update.

Two weeks ago I gave my husband the scissors and I told him to cut. I knew that if it wasn’t done immediately, I wouldn’t have the guts and I would drag it out for even longer than I already have. My husband took 3 huge gulps of red wine and started cutting …

Short hair, do(n’t) care? Plus a hair loss update.

If you’re not familiar with my extreme hair loss story, this is it in a nutshell: stress and trauma caused me to lose about two thirds of my hair. The hair that was left became dry and brittle and it seemed like I was losing my natural curl. A huge shock also caused my hair to weaken at the root and once my hair reached a certain length, it broke off. For the last 6 months or so I have been trying my best to hide the hair loss by tying my hair up in the most pathetic little ponytail you can imagine. I couldn’t wear my hair loose as I was sporting a super fabulous 80’s style mullet. The only long hair left on my head was on the bottom half of my head.

Thankfully my hair started to grow again!! My hair is full and healthy and my curls are back with a vengeance. Thank you Trichotin!! Find my introduction to Trichotin over HERE.

But that pony looked horrible. The dead hair had to go. I was extremely calm that Tuesday evening when I gave my husband the scissors. I sat at the kitchen counter and gave him instructions to cut everything the same length. My hair was shorter than its been in years! But I was okay. Kind of.

So on Saturday I went to Tosca Hair and Beauty in Tyger Valley and my AMAZING stylist coloured and cut my hair into a style. Short. Very short. Thank you Tosca for taking such good care of me!! You guys truly are amazing and know exactly how to work with my hair (and with me!).

I went home and had a little cry. The short hair makes me feel 12 years old. The 12-year-old me that was gatvol of being bullied for my bushy hair and thought that if I cut it short, the bullying would stop. It didn’t.

But, for now, this is me. And my hair is healthier and stronger. And soon, I will be too.

Short hair, do(n't) care? Plus a hair loss update.

My family and friends all think I look great and my sister decided that my new style needs a headband. I think she’s right. It’s still taking some getting used to, but I’ll get there. What do you think?


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  1. Albeit that I am biased when it comes to short hair – as I LOVE it and have had it for years – you look FANTASTIC. It is not something that everybody can rock and you are doing just that xxx

  2. Hey just wanted to say the new pixie curly cut is so cute! Truly it looks very very cute on you. I loved your long hair but you know what, hair is hair – it will grow! For now, you look fabulous with short hair so do enjoy it!

  3. Love love love. Im experiencing exactly the same! Should give those tablets a go! Im still clinging onto the pathetic thin pony! :(
    You look great ! Enjoy your new look & watching your hair grow back!

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