Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara – You want this!

Most of us have a holy grail mascara. I used to. My all time favourite was a tube mascara by a Japanese cosmetics company, but I stopped using it as it became way too expensive. I was devastated. I have used many mascaras over the years and I love many, but none ever came close to ‘the one’. Until I discovered the new Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara.

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara – You want this!

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Pretty Please Charlie

This is what Revlon has to say:

Desire oversized lashes and multiplied benefits? Introducing Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara, our breakthrough formula combines buildable fibers and 360º tubes to deliver mega volume and extreme length for an oversized lash look that won’t smudge or smear!

Revlon’s unique approach combines fibers and 360º tubes in one step for plumped and extended lashes that get noticed.


Unlike traditional mascaras, Revlon’s tubing mascara features a polyurethane copolymer base with the benefits of waterproof mascara without the tough removal, as it removes easily with warm water. Upon application, the copolymer binds creating an adhesive encasement around each lash (also known as a “360º tube”) that won’t wear off or flake.


Fiber formula provides additional volume and length, and when combined with tube technology, lush lashes are instantly flake-free and smudge-proof in one step.

Revlon takes Mega Multiplier Mascara one step further by using two uniquely shaped microfibers, triangular and heart, for a formula that gives you an oversized lash look with both volume and length.

When I received the press release about Revlon’s new mascara, I freaked when I read the word ‘tube’. I immediately phoned my mom to tell her about it and I couldn’t wait to try it. Why you ask?

Because tube mascaras are AMAZING!

The tube that forms around each lash does not smear, smudge or move until you remove it with warm water. Do you hate waterproof mascara because it’s such a pain to remove, but you still prefer waterproof as non-waterproof makes you look like a raccoon at the end of the day? Then this is the mascara for you!!

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara will not budge until it gets in contact with warm water. This also means that it is the perfect summer mascara as you can go swimming and your mascara will still look great. Yes, I wear mascara when I go swimming. I always wear mascara. I’m pretty sick of being asked why I look so tired so these lashes are always done.

Revlon sent me one of these beauties to try and within a day of using it, I went out and bought my mom one. My mom has extremely sensitive eyes, and as she recently had eye surgery, she didn’t want anything but a tube mascara to touch her lashes. Great timing Revlon! My mom loves this mascara too.

Has my lashes ever looked better? Honestly, they have. There are other mascaras that give me slightly better definition and volume, and I sometimes have to go back in to remove a few clumps, but the pros of Mega Multiplier outweigh the cons 10 fold.

Plus this fab mascara retails for only R169.

In summary…

  • It’s ideal for sensitive eyes.
  • It removes gently (with only warm water!).
  • It does not smudge or smear.
  • It does not budge.
  • It’s sweat, tear and pool water resistant.

Well done, Revlon. Your Mega Multiplier Mascara is freakin’ fabulous!


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