I had my eyebrows microbladed!

Microblading has been the buzzword over the last couple of years and when the kind people at Skin and Body Renewal asked me if I wanted to try it out, my answer was HELL YEAH!


Microblading is an eyebrow enhancing procedure where tiny scratches are made in the skin using a manual handheld tool that implants permanent makeup pigments into the upper layers of the skin. The aim is to create hair-like strokes that mimic natural hairs to give you fuller-looking brows and/or alter the shape of your brows.

I only learned exactly how microblading is done a day before my procedure. That tells you a lot about the faith I have in Skin and Body Renewal, hey? From my experience, all Skin and Body Renewal staff and therapists are highly trained and skilled, so I wasn’t very stressed.

But I strongly advise that you do not make the decision to have your brows done without doing your research. It is still a tattoo. On your face!! And it’s permanent. You want to make a 100% sure that the person you entrust with your brows, knows what they are doing.

I’ve seen a few Youtube videos where people DIY this procedure at home… rather save your money and have it done by a professional. I beg you!

Today I want to answer a few questions you may have and also show you my before and after pics that were taken on the day of my first procedure. My touch-up is scheduled for 12 August and after that’s healed completely, I will do another post with pics.

I had my eyebrows microbladed!

On the 23rd of June, I had my eyebrows microbladed at Skin and Body Renewal in Stellenbosch.

The first step was a brow tint as my brows are very light. The therapist then applied a numbing cream and whilst that was doing its job, I had a little while to relax.

Microblading prep Pretty Please Charlie

Then followed the most time-consuming part of the whole process… getting the exact shape that I wanted. Luckily my brows were already in a good shape (roughly) and all I wanted was for the gaps to be filled and for my brows to appear a little fuller above the current hairline. The therapist even used an App to ensure that she got the perfect shape. How awesome is that?

Microblading Pretty Please Charlie

Then it was time to get tattooed. And yes, this is a tattoo and it IS permanent. There is no such thing as a semi-permanent tattoo (the Chinese symbol on my back is proof of that). Permanent makeup does tend to fade much quicker than a ‘normal’ tattoo as a different type of ink is used and there are many different factors that contribute to how fast this happens (think UV exposure, skincare products and treatments, lifestyle, health, etc.). Anyway, back to the procedure…

Microblading is done using a manual tool (and not with a tattoo gun/machine as I initially thought). The tool is made up of individual needles soldered together, and even though the technique is called microblading, the tool is not a blade at all.

Now you’re probably wondering if this technique of opening the skin and impregnating it with colour hurts? Uhm, yes it does. I was actually surprised as I have quite a few tattoos and they didn’t really hurt. And then I realised that I am a complete sissy when it comes to pain on my face. It also hurt when the therapist plucked a few stray eyebrow hairs. So to answer your question again…

Is microblading painful? Only if you can’t handle a little discomfort on your face. Like me.

Microblading Brows Pretty Please Charlie

The process didn’t take too long and I was super happy when the therapist showed me my gorgeous ‘new’ brows. What do you think??

Microblading before & after Pretty Please Charlie

Microblading before and after Pretty Please Charlie

I had the procedure done a little more than 3 weeks ago and the skin seems to be healed. The colour is now lighter than in the pics above as the true reflection of the colour can only be assessed 4 – 6 weeks after treatment.

It is extremely important to take great care of your new brows during the healing process, especially during the first 10 days. Those first 10 days were a bit of a pain as you have to avoid water. And as someone who likes to wash their face, I found the cotton rounds and cleansing wipes a bit irritating. I think my brows started to flake around day 7 and a little itchiness set in. But both were not really noticeable and the aftercare ointment I received sorted that out within a couple of days.

I will give you my final verdict after I have my touch-up, but I can say this…

Is it worth the trouble? YES.

Is it worth the discomfort? YES.

Is it worth the expense? YES.

If you have your procedure done at Skin and Body Renewal (which I highly recommend!), it will cost you R1 250 for your first microblading session and R1 100 for the touch-up.


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