I review my favourite Mandy’s and Julienne products and you can WIN! (CLOSED)

I haven’t visited a salon for a lip wax or brow tint in years. Why? Because Mandy’s hair removal products and Julienne’s dye kits make it super quick and easy to do at home. And at only a fraction of the cost I might add!

Let’s start with Mandy’s.

Mandy's Long Live Smooth Pretty Please Charlie

Mandy’s comprehensive range of at-home hair removal solutions will leave you looking great and feeling fabulous. Our products, with beautifully fragranced natural extracts and step-by-step instructions, will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and pampered. Mandy’s affordable range of the finest quality hot & warm waxes, soft waxes, lotions and creams are designed to suit your needs, preference and lifestyle.

My favourite Mandy’s product is their film wax. I have been using it for years to wax my lip, as well as those of most of my family members’. And in all honesty, the chin also gets a wax now and then. We are a hairy bunch of women. Mandy’s Film Wax is extremely easy to use (it’s a microwavable wax) and it works very well with our sensitive skins. Once you get the hang of using it, you’ll never look back. The product comes in a small tub for use on the face and a big tub for legs and body.

Mandy's Film Wax


A friend of mine swears by Mandy’s Wax Strips. Once again, easy to use and very effective.

Mandy's Wax Strips


Mandy’s offers a hair removal product to suit everyone’s needs. The product ranges include hair removal creams, wax strips and a variety of hot waxes. Mandy’s also has a cream bleach for ladies who prefer to lighten instead of remove.

Mandy’s has saved me so much time, effort and money over the years that I can’t imagine getting rid of my hairy upper lip any other way. Learn more about Mandy’s HERE.

Did you know that you can tint your own brows and lashes at home? I have been doing it for years. Julienne Permascara Lash and Brow Dye Kits is another product that has saved me so much money and effort. Why go to a salon (and honestly pay a fortune in comparison) when you can tint your own brows or lashes?

I haven’t tinted my own lashes in a while as I wear mascara every day, but used to love it when I was younger. Beautifully dark lashes during the summer holidays and never having to worry about applying waterproof mascara when you go swimming, sounds very good, doesn’t it?

Julienne Permascara Lash and Brow Dye Kits

I have been using Julienne Permascara in Dark Brown to tint my brows for what seems like forever. It is so easy. The kit includes the tint/dye, cream developer, a mascara wand, a plastic insert that can be used as little mixing bowl, protective tint pads and step-by-step instructions. Tinting your brows can’t be easier and the whole process only takes a couple of minutes. These kits come in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Midnight Black.

Julienne Permascara Lash and Brow Dye Kit Dark Brown


Mandy’s and Julienne are sponsoring 2 fabulous hampers worth R500 each for this giveaway! Each hamper contains a variety of Mandy’s hair removal products as well as Julienne Permascara, all in a beautiful toiletry bag. Enter via the Rafflecopter below.

I review my favourite Mandy’s and Julienne products and you can WIN!

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  • The sponsor will send the prize to the winners directly.

Good luck!

82 Replies to “I review my favourite Mandy’s and Julienne products and you can WIN! (CLOSED)”

  1. I love the film wax! it is the only product that is gentle enough. What a great blog and thank you for the tip on the mascara tint its a something I can’t wait to try!

  2. Wow I did not know Mandy’s range had grown so much. This gives me some inspiration to attempt the waxing again. I like the idea of the lash and eyebrow tint. I will definitely keep an eye out for that.

    Its nice to know when products have been tried by others and works… so Thank you…

  3. OMW! this must be fate! I want this so bad! My BF was telling me he’ll only wax if I do it for him. I’m specifically interested in the film wax. please oh please i’d love to win and this can’t just be a coincidence that i had this convo and you’re running this competition, right?

  4. I can’t imagine ever going back to shaving after starting to wax. My hair is already so much finer & more sparse – this would be an amazing prize so my poor husband doesn’t have to live with a grizzly bear (especially during winter!)

  5. Hip hop hooray! Love each and every prize. You are spoiling your readers soooo much. Shared on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Holding thumbs :)

  6. Wow an awesome giveaway.i have not tried all the products my favourite is the wax stripes coz they easy and fast to use.i am following on Facebook, Twitter and tweeted and subscribed .crossing fingers

  7. Wow what wonderful giveaway n it’s good value for money saving time and DIY at home, I’m impressed love it

  8. I’ve never tried wax before, just the thought of it! I’ve heard many stories that it’s not for the faint hearded etc so i have been set of of waxing and just go with the old way of shaving, but since i’ve seen the competition – i think that if i win i would put it to the test.

  9. Lol I wanted to wax my brows now and realised that iv run out then I see this competition :) would love to win this amazing prize

  10. #Fabulous With 3 ladies in the house Mandys would be most welcome and loved😉#superawesome product…pretty please😘

  11. Wow I Love Mandy Products…I have learnt to do my own at home with Mandy’s products! Love to try them all…so quick & easy :) Crossed Fingers

  12. #Fabulous With 3 ladies in the house #Mandys is sooo welcome and loved😉
    A hamper would be so appreciated ❤

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