Are you ready to go from Fat 2 Fit? Then this challenge is for YOU!

The best decision I’ve made in a very long time was to join A New Weigh’s Fat 2 Fit Challenge last year. No idea what I’m on about? Check out my post HERE and read about how I lost 15.6kg / 34.4lb in only 12 weeks. I have no words to express my gratitude to Gaelyn and all the girls who did the challenge with me. It was life changing. The next challenge starts on the 19th and if you need to make a change, I highly recommend that you give it a go.

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I asked Gaelyn to share a bit of her story and why this challenge is proving to be a huge success:

‘I have always been “big”. In high school my emotional eating started, which led to massive secret binges. I slowly started putting on weight, and should actually have bee a lot bigger than I was – but luckily two provincial sports (synchro and water polo) saved me, and I managed to stay just a little overweight and not obese. That only came once I finished school and started working as a paramedic, with less time to train and exercise, and a highly stressful job where take away is the norm. In 2011 I started a new fitness regime and diet, and slowly started losing weight, but that is when my compartment syndrome started and I was quickly off my feet and in for surgery. When that didn’t go well, I was incredibly depressed and stayed away from any form of exercise – it all hurt and made me face my newfound disability. 

After my third surgery I spent 3 months in bed and on crutches, and during that time got stuck into Pinterest in a BIG way. I started pinning all sorts of recipes and workouts and dream bodies and inspirational posters and the switch was flicked. I knew that as soon as I was able to, I would start exercising again and turn my life around. And that’s exactly what I did! 

Over the 2 years I have had ANW I have changed quite a lot about the program, updating and improving things to make my clients experience on the program easier and more fulfilling. At the moment I am so happy with ANW and how it works, what it does to people emotionally and physically, and how much everyone enjoys it. I wanted ANW to be a lifestyle change, and that is exactly what it has become. 

The challenge was inspired by the hundreds of weight loss challenges world wide at the moment. Money is a great motivator, both knowing that you can’ quit because you have invested your hard earned money in it, and as a prize! I offer a R3000 cash prize to the biggest loser on each 12 week challenge (calculated on total % weight loss and participation in all three fitness tests. People love a little competition, they love being given a strict “prescription” to follow, and I really see in every challenge just how well this system works. Girls lose an average of 11kg each per 12 weeks, which is just phenomenal! They are getting brave enough to share their journeys online via their blog/Facebook/Instagram which is so exciting, because it spreads the message that REAL women can successfully and fairly easily change their lives. They show what REAL women look like, and what weight loss looks like, and most importantly it inspires the women they know. Around 40% of my clients are direct referrals from people who have joined ANW.’

For more on A New Weigh and this challenge, check out the website or Facebook page or follow A New Weigh on Instagram. You won’t be sorry!


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