#F2FChallenge: Week 1 = RESULT


Finally a program that works for me!! Why do I say this? Well look at my results… after just one week:


The A New Weigh eating plan and exercise program is amazing. I get to eat a balanced diet and I have come to realise that balanced is what my body needs. I find it much easier to maintain and a lot easier to fit into my lifestyle, and that of my family. And hey, I get to eat carbs. The exercise program is challenging and fun. The F2F Challengers are also an amazing group of women. The support from this group is invaluable.

I feel great! Really. I am so excited for the next 11 weeks. NOTHING is going to stop me!

The next update will be at the end of the 1st month. Watch this space!!


Adventure Boot Camp… 3rd camp done and dusted


This morning was the last session of my 3rd ABC camp. I’ve posted about ABC before HERE. You know what’s weird… I was sad. I am doing the next camp as well, but we have a week-long break in between. Who the hell is sad about a week off?  If you have done ABC and are part of an amazing group like I am, you would be too.

I have completely fallen in love with ABC. Yes, I moan and groan about all the running, and it hasn’t always been fun getting up to be at camp at 5:30, but it is all so worth it. I haven’t really lost weight (own fault – no amount of exercise is going to help if I still eat the wrong foods and copious amounts of it), but I am stronger and fitter and I feel great!

My trainer and group is amazing. The support, laughs and the experience of sharing our journeys have made ABC a winner in my books. I wouldn’t have made it this far without these wonderful women!


Thank you to ABC for giving me the opportunity to train and work towards a healthier and fitter me.

Next camp starts on 22 September and I highly recommend that you sign up… you won’t be sorry!!



Disclaimer: This camp was sponsored by ABC, but it has in no way altered my view of this exercise program.