Beauty: My favourite favourites of 2015

My sister often gets upset with me when I tell her about a product that I love. ‘But you said that one is your favourite?!’ She likes to give me the third degree. I try not to use the word favourite too often when talking about the things I love as there is just too many. There are a few products and services that stood out last year, so I have decided to share my favourite favourites of 2015 with you today. Let’s jump right in with my Beauty Favourites of 2015.

Beauty Favourites of 2015

Dermaceutic Mask 15 (and pretty much everything from this brand)

Dermaceutic mask 15 for oily skin review pretty please charlie

If I had to choose just one skincare brand to use for the rest of my life, chances are that Dermaceutic will come up tops. I have raved about Mask 15 many times and I am still amazed by the results. Every. Single. Time. You can read my thoughts on the mask HERE. I have also been using Activ Retinol 1.0 and Turn Over. I will be posting a review on these two shortly. Keep an eye out as these products are amazing.

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

REN Skincare Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial review

Want to wake up with smooth, bright, fresh-looking skin? Then this product is a must have. I love it. Pop over to read my full review HERE.

BABOR New Skin Fluids Ampoule Concentrates FP

BABOR Moist Lipid New Skin FluidLove. That is what it is. I used these ampules when I started at home derma rolling and my skin loves it. This product is definitely one of the top 5 best skincare products that I have ever used. Visible results almost instantly. Fresh-looking, plump and radiant skin. I would use these ampoules every night if I could. I can’t wait to try the other ampoules that BABOR has on offer. Full review over HERE.

Eucerin Sun Gel-Creme Oil Control Dry Touch Face SPF50+

Eucerin Sun Gel-Creme Oil Control Dry Touch Face SPF50+ high protection sunscreen for oily skin

If you struggle with oily skin, this sunscreen is a must try. LOVE IT! I am really struggling in this heat and a heavy sun protection cream just makes it worse. I hate that ‘aangeplakte’ feeling. My skin needs to breathe. If you feel the same way, then this is the SPF for you. Read more HERE.

Rain Biologie Winter Therapy Bath Soak

Rain Africa Biologie Winter Therapy Bath Soak review Pretty Please Charlie

This stuff is awesome. The fact that I am including a bath product in this post already says a great deal. I don’t really enjoy lying in the bath. There are also only a handful of bath goodies that I truly enjoy as my skin (and nose) is very sensitive. I think I may be the only woman in the world who is not crazy for Lush. But this Rain Africa soak is amazing. I would buy it by the bucket if I could. More about this beauty HERE.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hair Care Range

Beauty Favourites of 2015

This range has been my best hair discovery since I started blogging. I have tried amazing high-end products that I would recommend in a heartbeat, but I am always on the lookout for a budget alternative. I rate Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula range up there with the best of the best. The shampoo is amazing. I don’t think I will buy another shampoo again. If you have dry, damaged, colour treated and/or curly hair, this is a must. Since posting my review (HERE) I have also tried more products from the range and I have not been disappointed.  Hey Palmer’s, I spotted Hair Pudding on the web! When are you bringing it to our shores?! My curls are waiting…

Style Bar is my no.1 choice for highlights

Style Bar highlights Pretty Please Charlie The Best of 2015

I think my colour and smile says it all. It is perfect every, single time. You have one extremely happy customer Style Bar.

BambiShoes Semi-permanent Hair Colour

BambiShoes semi-permanent hair colour best of 2015 pretty please charlie

A full review is coming your way shortly, but I had to mention it as it is one of my ultimate favourite finds. BambiShoes semi-permanent hair colour is an all natural, vegan, cruelty-free product that gives you vibrant colour without any damage. And it is very affordable. I am obsessed. The pop of colour in the selfie is thanks to the pink in the above pic. Keep an eye out for that review and pics of how stunning the colour truly is.

What are your Beauty Favourites of 2015? Please share!


Retailbox Secret Box #18 – Pureology Curl Complete Review

If you follow me on Social Media, you would have seen my clues, giveaway and eventual unveiling of the contents of the Retailbox Secret Box no. 18. Not sure what the RBSecretBox is?

Retail Box Secret Box #RBsecretbox

#RBsecretbox is an exciting opportunity for new and existing Retailbox customers to treat themselves to
premium products they have possibly not tried before. Each #RBsecretbox is priced according to the
products inside so prices will vary as every box is different and from different suppliers. This is an
exclusive offer with limited stock and a massive discount making it a much sort after offer and a bonus
of no subscriptions to tie you down.

The only clue that was given on Retailbox about box #18… ‘Enhance your curly side with this vegan Sulphate free range’.

So what was inside the box?

Retail Box Secret Box 18 Pureology Curl Complete Review Pretty Please Charlie
Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo and Conditioner (plus a gorgeous fluffy turbin)

This was my first time trying this brand and I have been very curious (to say the least) as all the reviews I have read are stellar.

Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo – R278

This shampoo is specifically formulated for curly colour-treated hair, which is perfect for my naturally curly and highlighted (read: DRY!) hair. The shampoo foams well for a sulphate-free product and gently cleanses the hair. The formula is thick and creamy and smells lovely. Curl Complete Shampoo contains an Anti-Fade Complex and Coconut Oils to replenish moisture and erase frizz.

Pureology Curl Complete Conditioner- R316

I was worried that the conditioner would be too light for my hair and that I would have to use half the bottle to detangle this bossiekop, but the conditioner turned out to be my favourite of the two products. I only need a little bit of product to detangle and to leave my hair feeling soft and smooth. Result: Soft, shiny, healthy-looking curls. I REALLY like this conditioner. It is also ideal for fine hair as it does not weigh the hair down at all.

I’ve noticed that my hair actually feels thicker since I started using this range. I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine. The condition of my hair has improved and I am really happy with the results.

Two thumbs up Pureology.

And two thumbs up Retailbox for a great Secret Box! This Secret Box went for only R280 and if you hurry you may still be able to get your hands on one. You can click HERE to see if they still have stock.

I am a big fan of the #RBSecretbox. All of the boxes that I’ve received have been great value for money.

Make sure to follow Retailbox on Instagram for hints about the release of the next one.


Disclosure Ranking: 2