Health Renewal and Infusion Therapy

A couple of weeks ago I attended an extremely interesting presentation on Infusion Therapy… a bespoke treatment available from the Health Renewal Clinic.

‘Select your IV Infusion “cocktail” and get “infused” about life and living well!’


Are you constantly tired, listless or struggling with your weight? And no matter what supplements you take, what changes you make to your diet or your efforts to get more exercise, you still don’t feel better? Or maybe you have a skin condition that no lotions or potions have been able to improve?

It could be that you are treating the symptoms and not the cause. And you may not even be aware of the underlying cause of the ailment.

Many of us try to self medicate by taking a variety of supplements, but as I heard at the presentation… self medication is like having a play chemistry set and experimenting. There are a multitude of supplements out there and if you are not educated, how do you know what your body really needs? Or you may very well be taking the supplements that your body needs, but there may be other factors at play:

‘Nutrient absorption by oral supplementation is affected and limited by factors such as gastrointestinal absorption which can be affected by diseases such as gastritis, colitis, leaky gut syndrome, bacterial and/or fungal overgrowth and imbalance, stress and anxiety.’

This is why Infusion Therapy is so effective – the infusions bypass the gut and that means that all the nutrients that you receive via infusion, is absorbed by the body.

What makes this treatment so unique is the fact that every treatment is individually designed. One size does not fit all and the experts at the Health Renewal Clinic understand biological individuality and treat you as such; an individual.

Health Renewal’s aim is to improve quality of life and they believe that prevention is better than cure.

Health Renewal centres are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sandton, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal. They have a team of highly qualified medical doctors, experienced registered nurses and dedicated support staff who will be able to assist you on your road to better health. Health Renewal puts your health first.


Health Renewal is part of the Renewal Institute. Do yourself a favour and also visit Skin Renewal, Body Renewal and the most recent addition: Hair Renewal.

Kelslim for the win!

I’ve never really been a fan of supplements. Purely for the fact that I have never taken one that actually did anything, or at least made me feel that it improved my general health or well-being. I hardly ever repurchase supplements because I want to see or feel immediately results. I know that supplements don’t work that way and you have to take most for at least a couple of months. But I get bored quickly. Anyway, moving on…

I was sent a bottle of Kelslim and decided to give it a go.

‘KELSLIM is an excellent source of natural iodine, essential for proper thyroid function that helps to regulate the body's metabolism.’ ‘Daily use of seaweed provides optimum nourishment for the hormonal, lymphatic, urinary, and nervous systems.’
‘KELSLIM is an excellent source of natural iodine, essential for proper thyroid function that helps to regulate the body’s metabolism.’ ‘Daily use of seaweed provides optimum nourishment for the hormonal, lymphatic, urinary, and nervous systems.’

Kelslim says that their brown seaweed capsules have the following therapeutic effects:

  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Stimulates thyroid gland function
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Combats fluid retention
  • Promotes hair growth, healthy skin and nails
  • Aids digestion and elimination
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals such as lead, mercury and radio-active strontium
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • KELSLIM contains absolutely no additives whatsoever, and is one of the best possible Natural Supplements available.

Seaweed must agree with me as I haven’t felt this energetic in a long time. A looooong time. My energy levels have increased tremendously. I don’t feel ready to pass out at my desk at 14:00 anymore and I don’t feel like washing the dishes at 21:00 is a death sentence (okay, it is torture, but somebody’s gotta do it). In the past I have tried a variety of vitamin supplements, booster shots, shakes, etc and none of them helped me keep my eyes open. Except Kelslim! And I noticed the change almost immediately. I have been using Kelslim for just over 3 weeks.

My nails also feel a bit stronger :)

I can’t comment on weight loss yet… damn you public holidays and Lindor!

I am truly impressed with this product and I highly recommend it. I will be placing an order for myself, my mom and my dad shortly.

Kelslim retails at ZAR120 for 60 capsules and you can visit their website to order on-line or to find a stockist near you.



*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the brand for review purposes. I have not received compensation for this post and the opinions on the product(s) are my own