Microblading: Is it worth it?

My eyebrows are all healed after my microblading touch-up and the final verdict is in…

Microblading: Is it worth it?

Is getting your eyebrows microbladed worth the time, discomfort and money? YES!! I absolutely love my brows.

If you haven’t read my post on the first procedure, you can read it HERE. If you want to know exactly what microblading is, how it feels and how to care for your brows after the procedure, I suggest you pop over.

Today I want to show you my final result and I want to tell you what you can expect after your touch-up.

This is my before and after on the day of the 2nd procedure:

Microblading Is it worth it

Awesome, isn’t it?! The touch-up was done in August ’17.

My brows are now all healed and this is my final result:

Healed microbladed brows

Ugh, behold the pigmentation spots, huge pores and wrinkles in all their glory. But let’s focus on the brows.

My brows have faded quite a bit. I knew it was going to fade, but it faded more than I hoped it would. Keep in mind that I love dark brows.

And then there is this stubborn stroke that just did not want to stay put. I was a bit disappointed, but then I remembered that I have the same issue on my wrist tattoo (this tiny little spot where the ink did not want to take). Why? Ask my skin ;)

The reason why I’m sharing this with you, is because I want to help manage your expectations.

Your brows will fade (to the relief of some who get a huge fright straight after the procedure) and your final result will depend on your skin type and condition and how you take care of your skin. Also remember that your brows will fade in time because of sun exposure, certain skin care products and procedures, etc.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE that you go to a qualified therapist who will guide you in the right direction. Microblading isn’t the only form of permanent eyebrow enhancement and the therapist will be able to help you decide if it’s the best option for you. Pop over to your nearest Skin and Body Renewal and have a chat with their therapists (you won’t be sorry!).

Was microblading the best option for me?

Yes! I love that I wake up in the morning with great looking brows, and I love that when I want them to stand out, it takes me only a few seconds to enhance them even more with a bit of make-up.

Thank you Skin and Body Renewal for my amazing brows. Love, love, LOVE them!

If you have your procedure done at Skin and Body Renewal (which I highly recommend!), it will cost you R1 250 for your first microblading session and R1 100 for the touch-up.


Disclosure ranking: 2

Body Creams: The best of the best

I try so many body lotions and creams that it’s really hard to keep track of my favourites. I also keep changing my mind about which ones truly are my favourites. Let’s be honest, if you are a body cream lover like I am, you’ll know exactly how difficult it is to give only one the honour of top spot. Especially if you run to the shops every time you spot a new launch. But the following 3 have carried me through winter and they will most definitely remain on my list of favourite favourites.

Body Creams: The best of the best

Body Treats Natural Aqueous – R70

Body Treats Natural Aqueous Pretty Please Charlie

I never thought that I’d ever rate an aqueous cream as highly as I do this one. Body Treats, your Natural Aqueous is fan-freakin-tastic!! This hand-made, proudly local product is simply perfect. It is soft, rich and gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. The moment Cara or my skin hinted at an eczema flare-up, I reached for this cream and it calmed our skins on contact. Love, love, LOVE this stuff. And it is my first choice for Cara’s delicate skin. PS Body Treats’ aqueous cream isn’t the only great product from this awesome company. Make sure to check out their website. You can shop online too. You will not be disappointed. Promise.

Mio Skincare Future Proof – R850

Mio Future Proof Body Butter

Okay, I realise that this is not a budget-friendly buy. It’s helluva expensive but, oh my, it is so divine. It smells so good and makes me feel like a million bucks. Smooth, silky and fabulous. If you want to spoil me, you buy me this. What Mio says about their firming body butter: ‘This over-achieving treatment butter will mega-moisturise, increase bounce and resilience and fight free radicals to keep your skin strong and supple with a healthy 24-hour glow.’ Did you know that you can now shop for all things Mio online? Check it out HERE.

Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Body Cream – R240

Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Body Cream

I’ve raved about the new Eucerin UreaRepair range before over HERE. I don’t do videos, but if I did, I would probably be shouting as I can’t tell people about this cream without getting overly excited. And yes, one can get this excited about cream ;) My skin looks and feels amazing. And not just after application and perhaps for a few hours after that. No. My skin is changed! It is softer, smoother and healthier than ever before. My usually dull, scaly, wrinkly skin is glowing! Shit. This cream is amazing. If you have dry, scaly, ageing, eczema-prone, sensitive, dull skin, please try this! I know it’s not cheap and, believe me, it doesn’t really fit into my budget either, but it is worth every, single cent.

That’s my list of the best of the best body creams. Please let me know if you’ve tried any of the above products or if you have any recommendations for me. I’d love to hear from you!