Flying with Children – tips for stress-free travel

We haven’t had the opportunity to fly as a family yet, but hopefully we can get that chance soon. If Cara had her way, Paris would be the destination. My girl wants to see the Eiffel Tower. One day, my girl. One day! I’m not sure we’ll survive a flight to Europe on the first go, so perhaps a local ‘test run’ like Travelstart’s return flights to Cape Town will be a fun experience for us all. Plus we can visit a few friends that we haven’t seen in years. These top tips for flying with children will come in very handy when we do.

Flying with Children – tips for stress-free travel

Flying with Children – tips for stress-free travel

Travelstart recently sent through their top tips for flying with children and the info is invaluable! Especially if you will be flying with babies or toddlers. Make sure to save the below infographic.

Flying with kids

Travelstart really has a few fantastic tips here!

Number 1 for Cara would be the fully charged tablet. This child is obsessed with her tablet. I think it would also be a great idea to load a few new games and movies as a surprise. Also pack your child’s own headphones. Then you know that they fit perfectly and if they are noise cancelling, even better.

Small gifts are also a great idea. Who doesn’t like a pressie? Gifts like family-friendly travel games and a new colouring or activity book should work like a charm to keep boredom at bay.

I love the tip about the chewy snacks to help alleviate inner ear discomfort. This is one that I never would have thought of myself. Make sure to pack loads of snacks. And if you kid isn’t sensitive to sugar, pack that favourite treat. Who hasn’t used a sweet treat as a bribe now and then? Come on; you know you have ;)

Other items to pack include wet wipes, an extra set of clothes (because that dreaded spill WILL happen if you’re not prepared – Thanks Murphy), socks and a favourite blankie, teddy or small pillow if your kid has one of those.

If you child is old enough to understand, I think its best to have a long chat before the flight. Talk to the kids about manners and the fact that they have to be considerate towards all the other passengers.

My last tip may be the most important one. If you have done all you can to ensure that the flight runs smoothly, ignore any and all condescending jerks that may be on the flight with you. Most people are very understanding, but there are a few… Kids will be kids and flying can be a stressful experience for them. Especially the little ones. If the kids start acting up and you’ve already tried everything – just smile and wave, mom and dad. Smile and wave.

Travelstart asked a few parents how they manage to get around flying with their children and here are some of their top tips.

If you have any additional tips, please feel free to share.

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Happy travels!


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.

The perfect West Coast getaway: Baywatch Villa

I love the South African West Coast. If I could choose anywhere for a weekend away, my searches for holiday accommodation always start there. I’ve been dreaming about a stay at Baywatch Villa for a few years now and believe me when I say, it is as good as it gets.

The perfect West Coast getaway: Baywatch Villa

Baywatch Villa Paternoster

Baywatch Villa Collection was established in 2001 by Tony and Shirley Ansley. They made Paternoster their home after falling in love with the little fishing village, its beauty and its people. Tony, being a business man but already on his way to retirement, decided they would stay on and seized the opportunity to secure their retirement yet still have the luxury of a business – keeping his mind active. Shirley, always the loving and supporting wife, was one hundred percent behind him. Together they started with one self catering unit. Soon they realized that this would not be enough as their love for people shone through to their guests and they had more requests for accommodation than they could handle. They expanded to four, luxury self catering units. The beautiful home that they had created as a haven became too big for them and they decided to let the upper level of their beachfront home out. This is the star of the Baywatch Villa Collection as you do not come across such love and effort put into a holiday home for someone else very often. In 2008 another addition was made, we can boast with the magnificent four star Guest House, which will leave you feeling like royalty once you visit. The Baywatch Villa Collection is owner managed and you can be assured of passion for hospitality as well as housekeeping.

I’ve been treated to a stay at the Baywatch Villa Penthouse on two occasions, and I can’t wait to go back. The 4-Star Penthouse is on the beach and there are no words to describe the breathtaking view from the balcony.

Baywatch Villas Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie 1

The Penthouse is a private upstairs self-catering unit with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The lounge, kitchen and dining area has everything you need (and more!) and it looks and feels like home.

Baywatch Villas Penthouse Pretty Please Charlie

The Penthouse is perfect for a summer or winter getaway as the balcony is protected from wind and rain, plus huge sliding doors will let you enjoy a lovely summertime breeze and the fireplace is there to keep you warm and snug in winter.

Baywatch Villas Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie 4.jpg

The main bedroom has the most comfortable double bed and the room opens onto a sun deck with spectacular sea views.

Baywatch Villas Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie 2

The second bedroom is just as comfy and includes all the luxuries as the first.

Baywatch Villas Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie 5.jpg

What we enjoy most about the Penthouse is the balcony. We literally spent most of our time there sipping on wine, chatting and playing games whilst my husband manned the braai. The view of the beach takes your breath away and you don’t need much else to forget about the stress and hustle and bustle.

The beach itself is magnificent and the beauty of Paternoster is something to behold.

Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie 1

Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie 2

Paternoster Pretty Please Charlie

Thank you Shirley and Emy for both our wonderful stays at Baywatch Villa.

We are counting down the days until we can revisit this little piece of Heaven.