Why I still love my Spindel Laundry Dryer… and a link to get one at a great price

Today is exactly 11 months since I posted my original review of the Spindel. I have used it after 99.9% of the loads I have washed during these 11 months (yes, even during summer). It has been an absolute lifesaver in our household.

Spindel Laundry Dryer review

Why am I posting about it again? Winter is here and you need one. And why do you need one…

Because you will save money on electricity, your drying time (air or tumble dry) will be much less than before, you will not have heaps of damp laundry stinking up your house and your laundry will feel and smell better than ever before. And, those with sensitive skin and allergies will be happy to know that Spindel also gets rid of almost all washing powder and softener left in your clothes after washing.

This little machine has a permanent place under my kitchen counter and I believe that if you try it, you will understand why I can’t live without it. IT IS AWESOME.


TODAY ONLY: The 6.5kg Spindel is on special over at Takealot  for R1999 (usually R2599). You save R500!

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