Fall For Winter with Zando

This winter 2016 Zando enthuses design with a militant inspired edge, specifically curated to bring out the bold and celebrate the cold. Winter 16’s absolute fashion focus will leave you feeling polished and ready for runway battle.

This season style meets architectural design.

I am more a ‘celebrate the cold’ than ‘runway battle’ kinda gal, so these looks immediately caught my eye.

Fall for Winter Zando 2016

Fall for Winter with Zando.co.za

Fall for Winter with Zando.co.za

Fall for Winter with Zando.co.za

And of course I have a Zando wish list that’s a mile long. These are top of the list though…

I am totally in love with these Zoom ankle boots. Head over heels!

Fall for winter Zando Zoom ankle boots
 I am all about the warm and comfy this season…
Fall for Winter 2016 Zando

And a new bag is always on the lust list…


Fall for Winter Zando fringe bag
Happy shopping!


I’ve found #MySuperbJacket on Superbalist

The cold weather has caught me completely off guard and I have nothing to wear. Or perhaps it’s more a case of I have nothing I really want to wear.

Superbalist has me lusting after so many gorgeous coats and jackets after reading their Winter is Coming post. Head on over to see how the fabulous Bee Diamondhead and Tara Lee McNulty style and model Superbalist’s new must-have jackets and coats.

Number 1 on my lust list is a parka.  Warm, comfy and it looks great. What more do you want from a winter jacket?

parka 1

Tara-Lee: This would work for a sporty girl. Definitely worn with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a baggy shirt-dress and a sneaker. You can rock it with pretty much anything. It’s comfortable, casual and something to keep in your car for whenever it’s a bit nippy. I feel very comfortable in this and the fact that I can still move easily is nice.

Parka 2

Bee: Like the leather jacket or the denim jacket you’ve had forever, a parka is something you can’t go without. It can take a beating and is perfect for when it rains and you don’t want to mess up your other stuff. And it’s so timeless. Not the most chic option, and if I wear it to work it’s probably because I’m on location. That way if I need to take it off I can just tie it around my waist. If I were travelling I’d take a lightweight one that can roll up and pop into a bag. It doesn’t matter if it’s creased. The Parka has stayed standard for a minute now. People tried yellows and pinks and that didn’t really work out. But the blues are nice. Blue is a colour that’s slept on. Navy head-to-toe – levels. Rihanna is a huge fan and wears them so well. It’s part of that festival, road-trip, travel look and can be jeans and T-shirt but also shorts and pixie boots for, like, a desert look.

I am a little obsessed with sleeveless jackets right now. Okay, maybe A LOT obsessed. Aren’t you? I can’t get enough of these two stylish coats.

Sleeveless 1

Tara-Lee: I’m super tiny in my waist with bigger hips and legs, so if I’m romping around in jeans and a crop top I’d generally like a long layered thing just to hide the junk in the trunk. I like that it’s sleeveless so in summer you can wear it as a kimono and in winter you can wear it with a polo neck. It’s very cool and would suit every body type. It’s one of those things you add on to whatever you’re already wearing.

sleeveless 2

Bee: This is for the skinny woman with skinny-ass, Angela Basset arms. I’d wear it with something slightly longer underneath, in different colours so that you can differentiate the sleevelessness. They’re quite chic so it’s a nice thing to wear to work, especially if you’re running around all day, as it’s not too heavy. I remember when Kim was pregnant and I kept on having whole conversations with anyone who would listen how she was into sleeveless coats and also not really into them.

FYI! You can win! Share your favourite Superbalist #MySuperbJacket and it could be yours. Check out the details of this awesome competition HERE.

Happy shopping!


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