New Eucerin UreaRepair Plus

Eucerin is one of my favourite skincare brands. I have used quite a few of their facial products and they are all top notch. I am a bit new to their bodycare products as, let’s be honest, they are not exactly cheap. But in this post I am going to tell you why the new Eucerin UreaRepair Plus range is worth its weight in gold. If not more!

New Eucerin UreaRepair Plus

New Eucerin UreaRepair Plus

If you have sensitive, very dry or eczema-prone skin like I do, please take note: this range is life changing. Let me start off with this… last year I wrote a post ‘There’s urea in my body lotion?’ that you can check out HERE . Now that you know what urea can do for your skin, let me tell you more about Eucerin UreaRepair Plus.

A New Kind of Freedom for Dry Skin When your skin is dry and irritated: Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS provides immediate relief and 48 hours of protection.

With over 25 years of expertise in skin care, Eucerin is the most recommended brand by dermatologists for dry skin. The products come with proven effectiveness and skin tolerability and have been clinically tested on skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and people living with diabetes, as well as the aged with thinning skin.

Suffering from medically dry skin is not only uncomfortable, itchy and sore, but the effects go beyond the physical symptoms, often leaving people feeling frustrated, helpless, emotionally drained and tired from lack of sleep. Eucerin® has provided a comprehensive and effective solution for people suffering from extremely dry skin, with the Complete Repair Range. This year Complete Repair becomes the Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS, with vitalized new packaging and a new product, the UreaRepair PLUS Replenishing Body Wash. The Eucerin® UreaRepair PLUS provides immediate and long-lasting relief of dry skin signs like roughness, scaliness and flakiness, providing moisture and strengthening the skin barrier. This makes skin more resilient and delays the recurrence of dry skin. The new UreaRepair PLUS Replenishing Body Wash, in a convenient 400ml with pump applicator, provides gentle, yet effective cleansing.

All of that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But does it really do all that it promises? I put away all of my other lotions and potions to really put this range through its paces and this is what I discovered:

New Eucerin UreaRepair Plus lotion

The Eucerin UreaRepair Plus lotions, both 5% urea and 10% urea, are amazing. No more dry, flaky, dull, scaly tight-feeling skin. These lotions provide relief from the moment it comes into contact with your skin and the feeling lasts the whole day. And if you suffer from eczema, I highly recommend that you give it a try. I have not suffered any breakouts or sensitivity since I started using this range. I first finished the 5% urea lotion. I savoured every single drop. It applies like an absolute dream. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth with absolute no residue. Eczema sufferers will know all too well that some lotions, creams or butters may feel great when you apply it, but if it leaves a heavy/greasy residue on your skin, it may just irritate it more. The 5% lotion is definitely my favourite of the two. I am currently using the 10% lotion. It is recommended for extremely dry, rough and tight skin. The product is also recommended for people with ageing skin, Diabetic skin or psoriasis. It is amazing! The only thing that I don’t really like is that fact that it doesn’t apply as well as the 5%. It feels as though there is a bit too much ‘slip’. I don’t know how else to explain it. It doesn’t feel quite as ‘creamy’ as the 5%. 5% retails for R170 and the 10% for R190. Both come in generous 250ml bottles.

New Eucerin UreaRepair Plus handcream

This is what Eucerin says about the Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Handcream:

For daily use on dry and strained hands. To care for contact dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes and for accompaniment of therapy. Made with 5% urea, ceramides and natural moisturising factors. Immediate relief and long-lasting protection for smooth and soft hands. Gives the skin durable resilience and protection from dryness. Rapidly absorbed. Without fragrance and colouring agents.

What do I say? Yes, yes, a thousand times YES! This hand cream is a must-have is you suffer from eczema on your hands. It does all it promises, and more. It retails for R120 for 75ml.

New Eucerin UreaRepair Plus bodywash

I was keen try give the Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Replenishing Body Wash a go, but I was not overly excited. I don’t always believe the claims that a wash can change your skin, as it isn’t in contact with your skin for very long. If a wash leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean, and it doesn’t cause any irritation, I’m happy. The replenishing body wash did that. Nice. But why would I pay R180 for 400ml of soap? Because this stuff changed my skin! It is a miracle product. Used with the lotion, my skin is softer, smoother, plump, glowing and less irritated than ever before. EVER! I want to shout it from the rooftops. My skin not only feels wonderful, it also looks fabulous!! Even a bit younger, dare I say?

The new Eucerin UreaRepair Plus range isn’t a skin treat, it’s a TREATMENT. No wonder dermatologists recommend Eucerin.

Come on Clicks, bring on that 3 for 2! I need to stock up.


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Styling your curls with The Curl Company – a review

Curls, coils, waves, fine, coarse… no curl was created the same. It is so hard to find your perfect match. Don’t you agree fellow curly girls?!

Listen up as The Curl Company may be just what you have been looking for.

Styling your curls with The Curl Company – a review

Part of the Creightons Professional brand family, The Curl Company is first to market curl expert brand developed with the complete focus of satisfying all hair needs of curls and waves consumers.

The Curl Company contains the unique Professional CURLPLEX, a blend of Moringa Oil and Meadowfoam, specifically formulated by hair experts to cleanse, enhance and define curls and waves.

Got a Curl problem?

Each product has a solution for you with easy to follow curl education on the back of the pack. This range is dedicated to help you find out what kind of curl you are and how to get the best from them.

The Curl Company styling range smooths and defines curls whilst helping to defend against humidity and control frizz. Suitable for curls, waves and coils.

I was sent two of the styling products to try.

Styling your curls with The Curl Company – a review

The Curl Company Review Pretty Please Charlie

Curl Defining Mousse – R179.95 (200ml)

The Curl Defining Mousse does a great job at defining my spiral curls. My hair is extremely fine and I need something that gives great hold without leaving my hair tacky or crunchy. This mousse does exactly that. I apply it to damp hair, after I comb through a little conditioner*. This is a great mousse and gets 2 thumbs up.

Styling Crème Gel – R109.95 (150ml)

I have a love/hate relationship with all curl creams. Most curl creams do not give me enough hold and in order to give any sort of shape, I have to apply so much product that my curls often are weighed down and look greasy. I also don’t do gel. It does not work with my hair at all. I was super curious to see how this creme gel would perform and I tried it on the same day that I received it. I applied a very generous amount (as I mentioned I need a lot of product) to freshly washed, damp hair. Oh my, what a bloody disappointment. They said it’s a no crunch formula. Uhm, you should have heard the crunch. And my curls looked horrible (takkerig is the only word I can think of to describe it). So I put the tube away. There’s a but coming so keep reading…

So many ladies asked for feedback after I posted the above pic on Instagram, that I thought that I should perhaps give it another try.

This time I took less of the creme gel and mixed into that an equal amount of conditioner. It doesn’t look great when you mix the two as the texture is very strange BUT I got results! Amazing results.

The Curl Company Styling Crème Gel + conditioner* = beautiful, bouncy, soft, shapely curls!

Love, love, LOVE! The creme gel is now my favourite of the two products.

Next I want to try the sulphate-free shampoo and masque.

Creightons Professional The Curl Company is exclusive to Clicks.


* Here’s a little tip…  if leave-in conditioner is too light and doesn’t do it for you, use your normal conditioner. That’s what I do and my hair loves it.