Underneath the Christmas Tree – GoPro HERO

Dear Santa. I have been very good this year. Very! I would love to find a HERO under the tree on Christmas morning. Love you long time. Charlene xoxo

Do you think that will work? I hope so.


Maybe you’re thinking why do I want a GoPro? Well, I also thought the GoPro was only for extreme mountain bikers and paragliders and the sort. Doesn’t really sound like my life. BUT after watching this awesome video that Carol Gallarelli filmed of her little boy’s 1st birthday on her GoPro (and edited using GoPro Studio) I WANT ONE!

For Cara’s 4th birthday next month we are throwing her a pool party in the park in our complex. The HERO will be perfect to film this special event.

HERO is designed with simplicity in mind (great news for me) and it’s rugged, waterproof housing makes it perfect to capture all those fun family activities without the constant worry of damaging your precious equipment. Don’t be fooled by HERO’S tough exterior though; with HERO you will still capture the same eye-popping footage that GoPro users are used to (1080p video at 30fps and 720p video at 60fps).

HERO retails for R1 999.00 and is available at leading retail stores which include Cape Union Mart, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Outdoor Warehouse and Incredible Connection.

For more information, visit Omnico or connect with World Of Heroes on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Happy shopping!



Dance Into The Season With L’Occitane and new Arlésienne

‘L’Occitane En Provence introduces Arlésienne… the L’Occitane woman:  a luminous, mysterious woman from the South.’

Arlésienne is a soft, feminine and romantic floral fragrance that I think is perfect for this time of year. The bottle is absolutely exquisite and the eau de toilette is accompanied by a range of beautiful complimentary products… we are spoiled for choice.

arlissien collage

I will leave it to L’Occitane to tell you more about this lovely new scent. I have fallen in love… I am sure you will too.

 There is so much more to this woman from the South than the ties she shares with L’OCCITANE. Her very character, rooted in the ground, in the stonework of Arles, is what spurred the desire of L’OCCITANE and the creation of this fragrance – signature of the perfumer in Provence.

The Arlésienne is like no other. She arouses creativity and inspires artists (Van Gogh, Picasso, Léo Lelée, Mistral, Bizet…). She is the silent, markedly absent heroine of a play by Daudet in three acts, in which she is constantly referred to, yet never appears.

In her wake, this woman leaves a distinct trace of her presence. You can still hear the whisper of fabrics, still smell the lingering trail of a new fragrance. Three floral notes, each one like a trait of her character, fuse together: the fiery temperament of saffron, the grace of rose, the mystery of violet.

Visit L’Occitane for more info.