10kgs and counting…

I was looking for a ‘booyah’ gif to start this blog post off with, but they all make it seem like I’m bragging or gloating. And that is not what this post is about. Don’t get me wrong, I am damn proud of myself, but this post is about sharing a bit of my journey and maybe even inspiring someone to do the same.


I started my A New Weigh journey when I joined the #F2FChallenge that kicked off on 15 September ’14. You can read about it HERE and have a look at my previous results posts HERE and HERE.

I have lost 10.3kgs to date.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am very happy with my results thus far and 10kgs is a huge milestone for me. But what I have gained on this journey outweighs the weight that I have lost (I am just full of puns today).

I have some of my confidence back. I walk down the street with my head held a little higher than usual. I am no longer walking around trying to blend into the crowd; scared that I may bump into someone I know. It’s not just because I feel better about the way I look, it’s because I am not carrying the shame around anymore. The shame of trying to solve my problems with food, the shame of eating in secret, the shame of eating to the point where my body can’t take it anymore, the shame of forcing food down my throat in an attempt to force down emotions, to keep them buried deep down inside. I feel like a tremendous weight (here I go again) has been lifted. This journey has helped me to redefine my relationship with food. I now see food as fuel and something to enjoy. And yes, I still enjoy eating, but food is no longer my escape or my crutch. My body feels lighter, as does my soul. It is a good feeling.

Thank you to Gaelyn, A New Weigh, and all the #F2FChallengers for being so amazing and helping me to get ME back.

10kgs to go! Watch this space!


#F2FChallenge: Month 1 = RESULT!

month 1 resultsI don’t really have much to say here as I think that my results says it all. I am SO happy that I have finally found a program that works for me.

I am eating good, clean, healthy food and I feel satisfied and my cravings are under control. Of course I would love some chocolate (I haven’t gone mad), but I haven’t had the urge to devour a whole slab. What I love about this eating plan is that I don’t feel deprived. I get to eat protein, starch, fruit and veg. And don’t think that because I’m eating ‘clean’ that I don’t get to eat good food. My favourite A New Weigh meal is the #ANW approved pizza. Damn good! I’ve wanted to take a pic to put on Instagram, but it hasn’t stayed on my plate long enough. It’s that good!

I feel lighter, I look slimmer and I am enjoying exercise more and more each day. This isn’t just a diet, this is a new way of living.

I feel great!! Thank you so much Gaelyn and A New Weigh. I’m looking forward to the next 2 months of this challenge. And for the first time in a very long time, I’m looking forward to summer.