Kick bad breath to the curb!

How many of you floss? Be honest. I’m a bad flosser. And that is due to just plain laziness. And it’s gross. Sunstar GUM sent me a huge parcel of fresh breath helpers and I will never go without flossing again.


These are my favourites:

20150204_163245The Easy-Flossers and Soft-Picks are super handy and even come with a little plastic case to pop a few into your handbag. The Flosbrush is brilliant as it helps you to get into even the most hard to reach places. Uhm… use the tongue brush just once and you will NEVER want to go without it again! Red-Cote does the same that those tabs the dentist gives you does… it will show you exactly where the plaque builds up most. Now you will know precisely where you need to give a little more attention.

Sunstar GUM products are awesome and are now my number one go-to products for oral care. You can find these at Dis-Chem.

The rest of the post is going to be a copy-and-paste jobbie as Eskom is cutting the power at my office in 10 minutes. And when I get home, it’s our turn. Damn you Eskom!

Please have a read below and support the cause below as Sunstar GUM will donate up to 1,000 Razzle Dazzle toothbrushes to The ToothFairies volunteering with the Friends of the Children’s Hospital at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for each person that takes the Sunstar GUM Kiss-O-Meter challenge.

Before puckering up for that Valentine smooch, take the Sunstar GUM Kiss-O-Meter challenge and see how your breath scores. Although bad breath affects around 90% of people at some point, most don’t realise that they have a problem. And you can’t rely on your bestie to break the bad news – two-thirds of people said they wouldn’t tell a friend that their breath smelt and a third wouldn’t even tell their spouse!

Experts say that the most common cause of bad breath is inadequate oral care. “If plaque and food debris are not physically removed – by correctly brushing, flossing and rinsing – they break down in the mouth, releasing bad odours, as well as causing irritation and disease,” says Dirna Grobbelaar, IVOhealth’s oral hygiene advisor.

Whilst most people brush their teeth regularly, flossing is often overlooked; 35% of people admitted they “never” floss. “The mouth is not clean until it’s clean in-between,” says Grobbelaar. “If you are in doubt, take the test – pull a length of floss between the teeth and smell it!”

Grobbelaar suggests that if you find flossing awkward or too time-consuming, find an interdental tool that suits your mouth and lifestyle. “There are many options these days, from tiny interdental brushes and floss handles to high-tech toothpicks with built-in fluoride. Look for Sunstar GUM products in pharmacies and dental practices; they have the widest range of interdental tools in South Africa.”

“Brushing correctly twice a day, cleaning the tongue and interdental cleaning is the key to the fresh breath confidence that comes from a super-clean mouth,” says Grobbelaar.

To get your ‘kissability’ rating take the Sunstar GUM Kiss-O-Meter challenge on this February. 





#MissionSamsung… whoop-whoop!

untitledIf you are a social media butterfly and constantly checking your Twitter feed, I’m sure you would have noticed Samsung’s blogger challenges dubbed #MissionSamsung.

I was chosen as one of the 10 bloggers taking part in Mission 5 and I am super excited. And what Samsung device are we trying out in this challenge?? The GALAXY Note4!!


I’ve been completed besotted with this handset ever since I saw the ad on TV. You see, I love making notes and lists. For everything. I usually make lists on my phone as I always have it with me. But there is just someting about putting pen to paper. With the GALAXY Note4 I have the best of both worlds. I received the Note4 earlier this week and I just love everything about it already… the look, the feel, the S Pen and that screen… the screen is out of this world!


But let me not get ahead of myself. Our first challenge is due next week and then I’ll tell you more about it. That’s if Cara gives me a chance to try it out!

20150204_174334 (2)

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!