Trichotin Hair Regenesis Review & Hair Loss Update

I told you about my extreme hair loss in Feb and I promised you an update, well…


I’m actually scared to say those words out load because I don’t want to jinx it. Losing your hair is pretty damn devastating. I can’t even imagine how ladies who lose all their hair must feel!

From my previous post you will know that I take a hand full of supplements every day. I never used to believe in supplements. I would religiously take supplements for a couple of months and then give up as I felt that it didn’t make a difference to my health. This experience has changed my mind completely. Pop those vitamins people!

What has happened since my extreme hair loss post?

My hair has stopped falling out! Or at least it’s back to how it used to be and only a ‘normal’ amount is left in the shower after a wash and detangle.

My hair is still breaking, but it seems that it is only the long hair that’s breaking off. They are basically just catching up with the rest. The way the GP explained it to me: when I went through an extremely traumatic experience last year, my hair probably weakened at the root and with time, my hair started to break off at that point. That is also why the long hair that I have left, is dry and brittle at the ends. Why not just cut it all off you ask? Hell no! I have curly hair and short does not suit me. I would love to get rid of the ‘dead’ hair, but not yet. Perhaps when winter is here and I can use headbands and beanies to hide it.

The rest of my hair is soft and shiny!!! My stylist at Tosca confirmed last week that my hair is healthier and stronger and that I will have my natural curl back shortly.

My hair is also so much thicker at the root. You can hardly see my scalp anymore! Here you can see the new hair…

Trichotin Hair Regenesis Review & Hair Loss Update


Trichotin Hair Regenesis Review

Trichotin Hair Regenesis Review

Even though all the supplements I am on and all the products I am using have helped to get me here, I am convinced that Trichotin Hair Regenesis has played a pivotal role.

Find my introduction to Trichotin over HERE.

How can I be sure that Trichotin has had any impact at all? How do I know that this supplement has made a difference if I pop a handful of pills every day?

Well, I have evidence!

All the other supplements should help my hair get back to the state it was before the hair loss. You agree?!

But I have noticed changes that no vitamin and mineral supplements have ever brought about before.

My hair line has changed. A couple of weeks a go I looked at myself in the mirror and my forehead actually looked smaller. Haha. I realised that the hair at my hair line seemed denser than before the hair loss. I’ve also never had a straight hair line. It used to resemble a widows peak. Hair is growing where it didn’t before …

Trichotin Hair Regenesis Review & Hair Loss Update2

I also used to have two small bald patches on either side of my head. I’ve had it since birth and we think it had to do with the emergency c-section my mom had. Hair is growing on the one patch. For the first time in 39 years!

Trichotin Hair Regenesis Review & Hair Loss Update3

And the patch on the other side?

I can’t find it!! The bald patch is bald no more.

If this doesn’t convince you that Trichotin works, I don’t know what will.

I will not stop using this miracle pill any time soon. And I will give you an update again in another 3 months time.

For now, know that Trichotin Hair Regenesis WORKS! Promise. If you want to try it yourself, you can pop over to Fusion Labs’ website to buy it online or find a stockist near you.

I am over the moon.



Please take care of your heart! #HugYourHeart

We have experienced a few health scares in our family over the past year and two big ones were heart related. My Gran is currently in the heart unit in hospital.

I am not a fan of copy-and-paste blog posts, but I received this press release a couple of minutes ago and I had to share it immediately.

Please take care of your heart…


A just-released survey, which was conducted by SA’s leading cardiovascular medicine provider to determine how heart-aware South Africans are in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, revealed that nearly a quarter described their relationship with their hearts as ‘on the rocks’.

The public poll forms part of Pharma Dynamics’ Hug your Heart campaign, which it has launched this February in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA (HSFSA), in an effort to create greater awareness about heart disease in South Africa – a condition which claims the second most lives, after HIV/AIDS, in the country.

Health: Hug Your Heart

Of the 2 000 respondents that participated in the poll, almost half (46%) pleaded guilty to activities that put them at risk of heart disease, which includes smoking and drinking too much alcohol, overeating, consuming too much salty, sugary and greasy foods, whilst also living a sedentary lifestyle.

Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics says the findings are telling of the nation’s trivial attitude toward heart-health.

“Unfortunately, it usually takes someone we know to have a heart attack or stroke before we take our own heart-health seriously. The reality is that 215 South Africans die every day from heart disease or stroke – 18% of these deaths occur in women and 13% in men. While certain genetic risk factors for these conditions cannot be prevented, modifiable risk factors that relate to lifestyle account for the majority of heart disease, and a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent 80% of premature deaths from heart disease. With so many South Africans living with cardiovascular disease, it is imperative that people identify their individual risk factors,” she says.

The survey also highlighted another worrying trend among young adults where a staggering 21% are not taking proactive steps to lower their blood pressure. Conversely, older adults seem to be the most proactive in taking care of their hearts with 88% changing their eating habits by cutting back on salt and 69% engaging in regular exercise.

When it comes to men and women’s attitudes towards their hearts, men seem to take a slightly kinder view. Even though the majority of women who reportedly suffer from heart problems indicated that they are taking active steps to improve the health of their hearts, a shocking 19% said they’re not. More female participants also cited cases of high blood pressure than men and only 40% engage in exercise.

Jennings says the reality is that most people only start worrying about their hearts after their 40s, which is almost too late. “Everyone can and should do something to help reduce their future risk of heart disease, even if you don’t think you are at high risk. More women die prematurely from heart disease than breast cancer, therefore it is vital that both men and women of any age lead healthy lifestyles.”

According to Pharma Dynamics’ poll, 74% are planning a romantic night in this Valentine’s Day. However, with love in the air and wine flowing freely, it can be easy to overdo things. Given that Valentine’s Day is all about the heart, there’s no better opportunity to keep yours in top shape.

Jennings suggests the following heart-healthy tips for the big day:

Choose a heart-healthy dinner: Prepare a candlelit-dinner at home or enjoy a picnic using one of our heart-healthy recipes, which were created especially for Valentine’s Day.  Visit for a ‘pan-fried chicken strips’ or ‘spicy butter bean pita’ picnic recipe.  For the 26% that will be dining out, avoid anything battered, creamy, deep-fried, rich, velvety or sautéed (in butter). Also consider ordering one entrée to share, as many restaurants serve enough for two. Splitting the meal will keep you from overdoing it.

Drink responsibly: Enjoying too much alcohol can raise the levels of some fats in the blood and can lead to high blood pressure and heart failure. Rather enjoy our ‘rooibos and berry mocktail’, which was created especially with Valentine’s Day in mind. One tot of any white spirit such as vodka, gin or rum can be added if preferred or the mixture can be served over 125ml of champagne or Method Cap Classique (MCC).  See and click on the link to picnic recipes for the ingredients.

Give your sweetheart a box of dark chocolate: Dark chocolateis rich in flavonoids – a nutrient source high in antioxidants, which may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Spend time with the one(s) you love: Sharing quality time with someone special, whether it be a lover, friend, family or a beloved pet, helps reduce stress on the heart.

Take a romantic walk, hike or dance up a storm with your partner: Aim for at least 30 to 60 minutes of heart-pounding physical activity to gain the maximum benefits.

Play a few romantic tunes: A number of studies have proven the beneficial effects that relaxing music has on blood pressure and heart rate. Based on Pharma Dynamics’ poll, Bryan Adams’ 90s hit song, “Everything I do, I do it for you…” still gets hearts beating and was voted by respondents as the most romantic song of all time.

“South Africans can’t afford to wait until they face a health scare before they take action. We can all take proactive steps now to reduce our future risk of heart disease, so vow to make this Valentine’s Day, a heart-healthy one,” says Jennings.

Pharma Dynamics has also pledged to raise R100 000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA during the month of February as part of the #hugyourheart campaign. For every Facebook post that is shared using #hugyourheart, Pharma Dynamics will donate R5 to the HSFSA. See for more details on how you can play your part in raising vital funds for the non-profit organisation.