Winter skincare for nose and lips + Letibalm GIVEAWAY (closed)

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Almost a year ago I was introduced to a great product that has turned out to be a winter essential. It’s actually been a year-round essential as I suffer with allergies.

Letibalm has been specifically designed to care for lips, nose and the skin in between. You can pop over to my review Letibalm – a winter essential for more details.

What I love most about this brand is that they have a paediatric version which is suitable for kids from 0 – 8 years. I love this one for myself as well. It is a great balm to use to soothe little red noses, cracked lips and little chins when dribbles irritate delicate skin.

Here are a few very handy winter skincare tips for nose and lips that were shared with me this morning. Be sure to stick around as I have a little giveaway to share as well.

 Teen woman with allergy or cold, isolated on white background

Winter weather, colds and ‘flu can play havoc with your skin. To help avoid the ‘Rudolph’ red nose look here’s handy advice from IVOhealth’s Dirna Grobbelaar on caring for the lips, nose and skin in-between.

Constant nose blowing and cold weather can result in the delicate skin between the nose and lips becoming dry and irritated. Small cracks appear, which are exacerbated each time you wipe the nose. The area becomes chapped, red and sore.

If you are unlucky enough to catch a cold, take special care right from the start. Keep your skin well-moisturised and apply Letibalm nose and lip repair balm regularly. It is specially formulated to protect and help heal this area. Use only extra-soft tissues containing Aloe vera, calendula or vitamin E. Never use rough kitchen towel or serviettes. Rather than rubbing or wiping repeatedly, just gently blot the nose.

A humidifier in the room adds moisture to the air and can help prevent skin drying out. Using a nasal spray or saline solution can help hydrate the nasal passages.

You can also help hydrate and boost the skin from the inside; eat a nutritious diet containing lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy fats; drink plenty of water, rooibos or herbal teas; warm drinks are soothing and can help relieve congestion;  extra fluids can also help to thin mucus, relieving a stuffy nose.

Instead of long, hot showers which can dry out the skin, rather use cool or lukewarm water.  Use a gentle cleanser and avoid harsh soaps or facial scrubs. And always moisturize after a bath or shower, adding a few drops of extra oil to your cream or lotion.

Chapped skin is more susceptible to infection, so make sure you wash your hands before applying moisturizer. It will also help prevent the spread of germs.

Letibalm has kindly sponsored a beautiful tin containing Letibalm Paediatric Balm and Letibalm Fluid that I can give to one of my readers.

Letibalm Paediatric Letibalm Fluid with tin GIVEAWAY and reviewEntry is simple. Comment below with your contact details and you will be in the draw. This giveaway will close on 15 June 2015 and the winner will be announced shortly after. Please note that this giveaway is only open to SA residents.

Good luck!

Letibalm is available from Dis-Chem, Pick ‘n Pay and selected pharmacies and retails for R55.




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