REVLON Introduces Global Brand Re-launch and Declares “LOVE IS ON”
A New Mission of Inspiring Love Around the World.

Lips and Rev

I’ve always had a soft spot for Revlon. Not only is it a brilliant brand (almost all of my lippies are from Revlon), I think it was the first make-up brand that I ever noticed. When I was little, I probably thought Revlon made all make-up as that was the only name I ever saw when going through mom and gran’s make-up stash.

Exciting stuff is happening in the Revlon camp, as the brand was relaunched yesterday with their first global tagline in over a decade: LOVE IS ON.

Have a look at their new television add set to a beautiful rendition of ‘Addicted to love’:

Revlon also introduced their Global Love Beacon yesterday in New York. It is an interactive billboard in NYC’s Times Square that allows you to share your love with everyone. The LOVE IS ON live camera captures and streams your “love moments”. Everyone from around the world is invited to join in for a chance to have their photo or message featured on the LOVE IS ON billboard. You can do this too by showing your love via social media using the hashtag #LOVEISON.

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“The new mission of our brand is to inspire love. From the moment a woman puts on Revlon makeup, we want love to captivate her imagination; to take her on a journey into the world of love, where she will be enchanted by its countless dimensions”


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