This post is long overdue. The kind people at Mira Dynamics sent me a set of Mira massage cups to try months ago.

Mira Dynamics silicone massage cups cupping therapyI read this great review on Rouge Beauty and I was very keen to try cupping massage in efforts to combat cellulite and tightening sagging skin.

mira massage cupping therapy for cellulite

Seems easy enough?!

Then I went for a back operation and worries about cellulite took a back seat. I packed the cups away. One night I was on Twitter and noticed a tweet by Mira about pain relief using their massage cups. I was having a particularly bad day and I was in pain. On Mira Dynamics’s website I found instructions on how to use the cups for treating sciatica and muscle spasms. I immediately got my cups and some massage oil… it helped! The great thing about these cups is that I could use it for self massage. And it gave me great relief. It still does.

As soon as I feel up to it, these cups will start tackling those wobbly bits.

Something that has also grabbed my attention was that Mira also has a cupping set for the face which is said to aid with anti-aging, broken capillaries, improving skin tone and texture and even cleaning pores. This is completely new to me. But I received a newsletter from a spa recently and saw that this is a treatment that they provide. Now you can do this at home too.

The Mira Dynamic Body Cupping Set is available HERE and retails for R249.



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