Keep your little one healthy this winter with Safety 1st

I am at home with a sick toddler at the moment. It’s not even winter yet. but I’ve already had to dust off the nebuliser :(

One thing that mom’s constantly have to deal with, is snot noses. Cara is old enough now to blow her own nose, but it is a terrible feeling when your little baby has a blocked nose and struggles to breathe, and they can’t do anything about it. Especially when it comes to feeding time. Thank goodness for nasal aspirators. If snot grosses you out, I suggest you stop reading now, ha-ha. Before your little one learns how to blow their own nose, it’s mom’s job to get rid of the mucus build up. Thus you have to suck the snot out of that little nose. Manual nasal aspirators are brilliant, but there were times when Cara was so sick and the mucus was so stubborn, that the manual aspirators just weren’t enough. Did you know that there is an aspirator that you can connect to your vacuum cleaner? No, this is not some sort of torture device! It actually works – it reminds of the ones they use in hospital. It worked, but I was always worried that this method was a bit harsh though. Now I see that Safety 1st has a great alternative.

I think most mom’s are familiar with Safety 1st products. We still use a lot of their child locks. From my experience, Safety 1st products are great quality and the below products shouldn’t be any different.

Have a look at the Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Electronic Nasal Aspirator. With this device you are able to quickly and gently relieve your little one’s nasal congestion. This device doesn’t come cheap at ZAR449.99, but if it was available when Cara was a baby, I would have definitely invested in one.


Safety 1st also has an ear, food and bath thermometer. Personally I think you are more than capable of determining if bath water or food is the right temp. I mean really! But checking your child’s temperature is whole different story. You need an electronic thermometer in your home. You don’t play around with a fever. This one retails for ZAR629.99.


Also have a look at the wide range of medicine dispensers that Safety 1st offers. You need these.


I wish you and your little one a winter season with minimal snot noses, no sleepless nights and no hospital visits.


New Oh So Heavenly Mum & Cherub

Are you expecting, have a new baby in the family or are always stuck for ideas when it comes to baby shower prezzies? Well, then Oh So Heavenly has got the goods for you.

Oh So Heavenly has just released a new range of products aimed at moms and babies.

I am a huge fan of Oh So Heavenly products as they bring us quality products at great prices and I am very sure that the new products will not disappoint.

The product range for mom is quite extensive and is suitable for use during and after pregnancy. The range includes some pamper goodies (body wash, body lotion & bath soak) aimed at some ‘me-time’, but the ones that caught my attention, are the products that care of your skin during a time when your body goes through changes and a little more TLC is required. Products include Super Tight Stretch Mark Crème, Totally Toned Stretch Mark Oil, Belly Beautiful Belly Butter, Revive & Revitalise Leg & Foot Spray, Bounce Back Bust Treatment and Tender Care Nipple Cream.  Prices range from ZAR20 – ZAR50 and at these prices, you can get them all.

I think the packaging of the new baby range is super cute. These products are gentle on the skin and dermatologist approved and all the washes are tear-free formulations. The range includes shampoo, bath wash, soap bars, body lotion, aqueous cream, talcum powder, baby jelly, bum cream, massage & bath oil, nursery mist and a waterless hand cleanser for the nappy-changer on duty. Prices range from ZAR9 – ZAR45.

All of these are available in the baby isle at your nearest Clicks.