Why I am fat… again

Those words were quite hard to type. I can’t believe I am here again. Fat.

If this is something that you are not interested in, kindly move a long. The reason I am sharing this, is to hold myself accountable and to share my journey for those of you who find themselves feeling fat, ugly and hopeless. Perhaps this post will help you not feel quite so alone in your struggles.

I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life. I gained a lot of weight during and after my pregnancy and I finally really did something about in 2014 and I lost a lot of weight. Read about it HERE. I just reread that post myself and I still can’t really believe what I have done to myself.

I was happy, healthy, moderately fit and happy with the way I looked. Then…

In February 2015 I landed up in hospital and had to undergo spinal surgery. That meant that I was on my back for 8 weeks. It also meant that I was no longer allowed to run or do boot camp. I was also not allowed to pick up my child or vacuum the house. I am still not really supposed to be doing most of those things. My heart was broken.

And what do I do when my heart is sore? I eat. And today I have regained all of the weight I lost in 2014 and more!

Over the last year I have tried to lose weight many times. All unsuccessful. And every time something ‘bad’ happened, I would head to the fridge. This has to stop.

I want to be healthy. I want to live an active life. I want to be there for my child. I want to feel comfortable in my own body. And I want to look good!

Now, you are probably wondering how I’m going to do this?

I have been chosen as 1 of 30 contestants to take part in the Slender Challenge competition sponsored by Health Renewal.

The slender challenge

Slender Challenge 8 kicked off today.

We are following the Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss program and you can follow our 12 week weight loss journey HERE.

Wish me luck. I hope this is the last time I ever have to ask for that!


9 Signs Of Emotional Eating

My name is Charlene and I am an emotional eater.

I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I’m stressed. I eat when I’m happy. Hell, I even eat when I’m just plain bored. And I definitely eat instead of facing my problems.

This, along with a few other contributing factors, has resulted that I am back where I was 2 years ago. But more on that in another post…

Today I share an article I found on Skin Online. I would love to hear how you feel about this subject.

9 Signs Of Emotional Eating

9 Signs Of Emotional Eating

We all know that eating is not just about survival, it is about savouring flavours, colours, texture, and presentation, but it can also be about your emotional state of mind.

Food is used by many as a form of escape, especially when stressed, emotional , tired , depressed and the list could go on and on. The repercussions of emotional eating often result in many a health problem, notwithstanding the packing on of unwanted weight.

Here are 9 signs that you may be an emotional eater:

1. You eat whenever stressed no matter what time of day.

2. You eat as a response to your emotions i.e. you eat when you are happy , you eat when you are sad and you even eat when you are bored or frustrated.

3. You seek comfort in food, feeling as though food will make it ‘aall better’.

4. Your eating get’s out of control and as a result you eat continually.

5. You become obsessed and fascinated with food.

6. You use emotionally charged language to describe food or eating.

7. You eat, even when you are full.

8. You are still thinking of food and what you can eat, when already full.

9. You have random cravings which surface out of the blue.

Emotional eating will require hard work to manage, but it is possible to correct the bodies leptin levels over time. By investing in a medical weight loss programme you will get both the support and guidance you require in order to overcome your emotions and gain control of your weight.

All medical weight loss programs should be run by a medical practitioner with medical support staff to assist you in the journey.