So I went for a mammogram yesterday…

Yesterday I experienced one of the scariest days to date. So many things were going through my mind. Will I see my little girl grow up? If I had to, how would I tell her that her mommy won’t be around forever? What is chemo like? What would I look like if my hair fell out? Crazy things go through your mind when your future seems unsure. Especially when you are lying there staring blankly at the ceiling for half an hour waiting for your results.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a lump in my one breast. That scared the shit out of me. So I scheduled a mammogram. In the mean time I also went for a hayfever shot at the clinic and asked the nurse to ‘cop a feel’. She found more lumps. Freak out much?

The mammogram and the sonar were very scary. Not the procedures, but the uncertainty of what’s to come. The mammogram itself didn’t hurt. It wasn’t the most comfortable of experiences, but it’s not nearly as bad as it’s made out to be.

I’m fine. I just have lumpy breasts.

I’m not sure if that has completely sunk in yet. Weird. But it’s probably because the fear consumed my every thought over the last couple of weeks. During this time I wasn’t really that worried about myself. I was worried about Cara. I am very lucky to know that she has a wonderful dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who would be there for her if anything ever had to happen to me. But she’s mine. I still feel as though I am the one who has to keep her safe and loved and secure.

I’m rambling a bit here. This post has two aims.

Firstly I want to remind myself, and you, that life is short. In a month’s time I will be 36. I don’t feel it, but I don’t know if I will live to see 80. So I have to make very minute count. Life is precious and I have to remind myself of that every day.

Secondly, girls, fondle those boobies. Do regular self examinations and if you are a bit older, go for a mammogram. Look after yourself. I plan on doing a better job at that.


Dirty Dancing at The Galileo Open Air Cinema

Another winner from the #CPTBloggerMeet goodie bag was the double ticket from The Galileo Open Air Cinema. Yes, I do live under a rock as I have never heard of it before. I don’t get out much.

Last night Danie and I went see Dirty Dancing at Hillcrest Quarry. What a super fun night!!! Yes, it deserves 3 exclamation marks. The venue is gorgeous, the people were happy and the movie is a classic. Who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing?

‘The Galileo Open Air Cinema invites Cape Town locals and visitors to a memorable movie experience under a ceiling of stars.’

The Galileo screens ‘endearing, all-time classic’ movies 3 times a week at three awesome venues – Tuesdays at Hillcrest Quarry, Wednesdays at Kirstenbosch Gardens and Thursdays at The V&A Waterfront. Don’t let the ‘endearing’ part scare you off if you aren’t a fan of soppy love stories. They cater for all – think There’s Something About Mary and The Matrix. You won’t go hungry as you will find a variety of delicious eats for sale before the show, or you can take your own picnic basket along. There are also (surprisingly comfy) chairs and blankets for hire.

Danie and I arrived at just before 18:00 and friendly staff members gave us a quick rundown on where everything was. We got our chairs and blankets and quickly found a seat and got comfy. 

Settled in nicely :)
How cute is this food truck?!

The backdrop of the sun setting against the quarry walls was beautiful. There were already a lot of people and more and more came walking down the hill. Even though it was very busy, we never felt that the venue was too crowded nor did we have to wait in a too long queue at the bar or the loo. I really love the fact that everyone who was there were in such good spirits – everyone was chatting and laughing. Not even the freezing wind dampened the mood. Note: this is Cape Town and the weather is unpredictable – warm jackets are a must. The movie started as the sun set. Everyone settled in and enjoyed. Laughter filled the air at “I carried a watermelon” and everyone swooned when Patrick Swayze walked in wearing his shades and leather jacket.

I’ve had the time of my life
The lift!

This really was a night to remember and I can’t wait to do it again. Danie said that the next movie choice is his. So we may just see you on 22/04 for Braveheart.

For more info, visit The Galileo Open Air Cinema.


*Disclaimer: The tickets were sponsored and received at an event. I have not received compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.