Spoil mom with some Sugar and Vice this Mother’s Day

I have a deep love for Sugar and Vice.

I think I should drop a few of my old mugs while doing the dishes tonight… perfect excuse to get me some more Sugar and Vice gorgeousness.

Have a look at these beautiful pieces that will make any mom’s heart skip a beat.

Flying Solo Snack / Trinket Ceramic Bowl Sugar & Vice
Flying Solo Snack / Trinket Ceramic Bowl – R130
Vixen Ceramic Coffee Mug Sugar & Vice
Vixen Ceramic Coffee Mug – R185
Royal Kaap Platter Sugar & Vice
Royal Kaap Platter – R450
Tribal Oliphant Tapas / Trinket Bowl Sugar & Vice
Tribal Oliphant Tapas / Trinket Bowl – R110
Protea Dreams Ceramic Teapot Sugar & Vice
Protea Dreams Ceramic Teapot – R495

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Happy shopping!


Decorate your life with Sugar and Vice

Have you popped by Sugar and Vice yet?! If not, you are missing out!

I can’t put it better than Natalie herself, so I’ll leave it up to her to tell you more:


WHEN the standard high-street commodities no longer tickle your fancy, it’s time to start wishing and wanting original and really cool stuff that is made with ingenuity, passion and attention to detail. S&V is the baby of Natalie Vice, WHO has an innate artistic fever, creating captivating illustrations by hand and transforming them into stunning digital prints.  The opportunity to decorate (or redecorate) your life is WHAT S&V is all about and our online shop lets people the world over come together, shop and enjoy. S&V is a place WHERE vintage meets nouveau, pretty meets practical and tattoos meet with teapots. Locally sourced materials and craftsmanship is WHY S&V is not only affordable but proudly South African. 

There are gorgeous collections to choose from and you are totally spoiled for choice… Bound Souls, Dear Deer, Royal Kaap, Heart Crush and many more. My favourite is the Sugar Skulls collection and these lovelies are on my lust list:




You can follow Sugar and Vice on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or visit their Facebook page or just go shopping NOW.