Current obsession: Jinger Jack engraved bags

Bags, glorious bags. I have a teensy, tiny Jinger Jack obsession at the moment. Just look at this utter fabulousness of these gorgeous bags:


Jinger Jack

These bags are all on my lust list. I simply adore brown and ivory coloured leather bags. And now I want one even more…




Jinger Jack now offers an engraving service. Prices range between R100 and R190 depending on the size and the design of the engraving. Imagine how gorgeous it would be to have your name, a special message or saying engraved on one of these beautiful items?

Visit Jinger Jack for more info.


So glad Tomy’s are back!

Now, you know I don’t do fashion, but I find it so interesting how certain styles make comebacks. Especially styles of shoes. Now there are some that should stay buried in the deepest, darkest corner of your closet, like flatforms, and then you get…
“Created in 1964 Tomy Takkies are a genuine, South African classic! Today a new generation is expressing themselves with the Tomy brand. It’s all about celebrating authentic, South African style, music, art and culture.”
When I was in primary school (now this is before some of you were born, he-he), Tomy Takkies were considered a bit oudoos. My mom and all her friends had white Tomy’s and we were forced to wear them… simple, affordable, so-not-fashionable shoes.
Now all I want is a pair of Tomy Takkies in every colour. Okay, I guess I’m a bit too old for bright pink now, but I will definitely be getting Cara a pair. Maybe it’s time for this mommy to get a white pair too ;) They are so cute, don’t you agree?
Check out their Facebook page for more info.

I borrowed this image from their FB page.